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TREE DONATION SCHEME - Groups in the village are all getting together to see if we can plant additional street trees around the village roads. It is not by accident that we have so many lovely trees around our village streets. In 2003, the Community Tree Strategy for Theydon Bois was created, involving the Rural Preservation Society, the Parish Council, EFDC, the City of London (as managers of Epping Forest) and many others, and a plan was created for the village to manage our existing trees and plant new ones.

Tree Planting at Great Gregories
Theydon Bois Primary School Children Planting Trees at Great Gregories

Volunteers since then have been involved on a regular basis in various action plans to implement this long standing tree strategy, a copy of which was delivered to every home in the village in 2003 and is now available on the village as a pdf from the Tree Strategy Home Page. The volunteer tree wardens are now looking to refresh the action plan and to have a substantial number of additional street trees planted during 2014/15 & in a plan going forward for the next few years.

Preservation Society Plant Trees for Alan Gilles
Preservation Society Members Plant Trees in Forest Drive in Memory of Alan Gillies

The Rural Preservation Society have come forward to put in a substantial initial sum of money to kick start this project that will enable 40 new village trees to be planted immediately. The Parish Council, together with the Horticultural Society, the Scouts, Theydon Bois Primary School, and many other village groups, are currently looking to see how they can contribute to the project. But, what we need most of all, is for individuals to donate trees.

More Donated Tree Plantings on the Village Green in 2014:

Saturday 13th December was an important Tree Planting Day in connection with the Theydon Bois Tree Strategy. Four donated specimen trees were planted in various locations around the Green in the hope that these in years to come will become 'Landmark Trees. The first two trees were planted near the Village Hall and the further two near the pond. The trees have been planted with the permission of the Conservators of Epping Forest (the City of London).

Eleanor Laing Donated Tree
Drama Society Donated Tree
Village Association Donated Tree
Levene Donated Family Tree

Donate a Tree - mark your own perfect occasion with a tree and make a difference

Tree on Great Gregories Hill
Tree on Great Gregories Hill

Enclosed with the June 2014 village news was a tree donation form, (additional copies are still available from the Parish office or see below).

This is the perfect occasion to make a difference to the appearance of our village and help improve it even further - your donation can have a visible and positive effect. Every donation will be acknowledged with a virtual plaque on the EFDC website with links via Google maps so that the plaque can be seen whenever anyone looks at a location. The donation can be to celebrate a birth, marriage, anniversary, birthday, death, or indeed any occasion, so please help us celebrate. More information is on the form and the cost is £75.00 per tree, which through some seriously hard work, is the same cost as in 2003.

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions, please raise them via the Parish Office where the Parish Clerk Julie Taylor has kindly agreed to act as coordinator for the responses.

Tree Donation Form:

The June 2014 Issue 86 of Village News that you have received by delivery or is available here has articles about the Tree Donation Scheme 2014. Forms for the Competition and Tree Donations were enclosed inside that Village News Issue. If your form is missing or if you would prefer to type and e-mail your reply then editable pdf files are available to download below. The forms will appear and work in your browser but we suggest that you right click on the file and save to your computer to use. You should be able to just type the details into the forms:

Tree Donation Scheme Form pdf

Completed Forms can either be delivered to the Parish Office or E Mailed via the link below:

The Parish Office, The Village Hall, Coppice Row, Theydon Bois, Essex, CM16 7ER
Tel: Tel/Fax: 01992 813442


Please add Landmark Trees Competition and/or Tree Donation Scheme to the Subject Line of the e-mail to make sorting easier. ALTHOUGH FORMS CAN BE RETURNED AT ANY TIME, IT WOULD BE GREAT IF AS MANY AS POSSIBLE WERE RETURNED BY THE END OF JULY.