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Have you received a letter as the owner of a nominated Landmark Tree? 

A great deal of thought has been given over the past few years towards drawing up a list of those trees in Theydon Bois which make a special contribution to our village - the Landmark Trees of Theydon Bois.   Under the guidance of Chris Neilan (EFDC Principal Trees and Landscape Officer) and with contributions from your Tree Wardens, Parish Councillors and residents, we now have a provisional list of over 100 trees.  Shortly before Christmas, letters were sent to all of the owners of those trees asking for their consent to the trees being recorded on a Landmark Trees register.  It is hoped that a photograph of most of the trees will be included on the register.  Response forms are continuing to arrive in the Parish Office and so far these have been very favourable with some residents expressing their delight in knowing that their special tree is also appreciated by many others.  If you received a letter before Christmas about your nominated tree and did not get round to responding, it is not too late as we are still collating the responses. We hope that the owners of all of the nominated trees will be pleased to learn that their tree makes such a positive contribution to the character of our village. The Landmark Tree designation does not in any way affect your rights as the owner.  Please return your completed forms to the Parish Office as soon as possible or if you have mislaid your form, please contact either Sue Warren (813045) or Jane Turner (812652).

The Landmark Tree Competition 2014

The judges of the summer 2014 Landmark Tree competition (part of our village tree strategy action plan) were overwhelmed by the number and variety of your entries. They reviewed over 60 nominations from the public, looking for those with the most arresting stories, to decide those most worthy to become our Landmark Trees.

The range of suggestions went from unusual species, trees associated with particular people or events to some of our oldest and largest trees. We had some wonderful entries from the children, including a nomination for a veteran oak that had been completely unrecorded. There were often interesting and in some cases moving stories of why trees were nominated, giving a real insight into the range of ways that trees are important to the lives of villagers. The judges wrote personally to each and every entrant to thank them; those who nominated the Landmark Trees will also all be receiving a special certificate.

Landmark tree Competition Winner 2014

At the outset it was decided that we would have one overall winner, which proved a most difficult decision. The tree eventually selected is an oak at the top of the hill above Little Gregories Farm. It may be found most easily from the public footpath that runs from the end of Forest Drive, walking up the hill past other nominated trees, elms and oaks. It is a magnificent survivor, several hundreds of years old, stag-headed but very much alive. From this “Landmark” vantage point one can view the entire Village, see the ancient spire of St Mary’s Church and, beyond it, the towers of modern London at Canary Wharf and beyond.

Danny Brock Competition WinnerDanny Brock, 29, of Piercing Hill nominated the tree. Danny moved to the Village in 1982 and used to walk his St Bernard dog past it and admire the views. He explained that he felt this tree, whilst having its own unique appearance, reflects the broad contrast of Theydon Bois. Danny is serving as a Logistics Officer in the Royal Navy, in the new nuclear powered astute class submarines and submitted his entry whilst serving in the Middle East undoubtedly one of the most unusual locations for a submission involving the Village News. Thank you everyone who submitted an entry and look out on the Website for further news.



The Landmark Tree Competition Closed on 21st October 2014 (see above)

Tres on Village GreenLANDMARK TREE PROJECT & Competition - We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place and the trees in and around our village play a big part in making the parish of Theydon Bois so attractive. We have many different varieties of trees in people’s gardens, in the streets and in the fields around the village and in conjunction with Epping Forest District Council, Theydon Bois Parish Council, Theydon Bois and District Rural Preservation Society and the voluntary tree wardens, we are holding a competition to identify people’s favourite trees. This can be any tree; not just old trees, but must be in the Parish of Theydon Bois, but excluding trees in Epping Forest itself.

Do you have a favourite tree? Perhaps it’s a tree or location you pass every day or go out of your way to look at. Where is there a tree that is special to you? Is there a tree that you would miss if it were no longer there? Is there a tree that brings back special memories to you and perhaps your family? Whatever tree you think is special, irrespective of its size, age, type etc., please nominate it as soon as possible using the form enclosed with your Village News (if the form is missing, additional copies are available from the Village website, or from the Parish office).

Oak in St Marys ChurchyardA panel of independent judges will select these for inclusion in our Landmark Trees records which will be on the Theydon website and may be included in future village magazines. The judges will be Christopher Neilan M.A. (Cantab.); M Arb. Principal Officer, Landscape and Trees for EFDC, Robert Levene, one of the volunteer tree wardens, together with Anthony Purkiss representative from the Parish Council. One of the key judging points will be your reasons for choosing this tree. The judging will take place in the second week of September, so make certain your entry is in in good time.

No competition should take place without a prize and in this case, the winner will be able to select a variety and have a street tree planted at a choice of locations, with a virtual plaque commemorating their win.

The June 2014 Issue 86 of Village News that you have received by delivery or is available here the above article about the Landmark Tree Project & Competition. Forms for the Competition and Tree Donations were enclosed inside that Village News Issue. If your form is missing or if you would prefer to type and e-mail your reply then editable pdf files are available to download below. The forms will appear and work in your browser but we suggest that you right click on the file and save to your computer to use. You should be able to just type the details into the forms:

The Landmark Tree Competition Closed on 21st October 2014


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