Theydon Bois Primary School Christmas Cards 2003
Winners of the competition for a "Christmas Card for our Village"
run by Village News & this Web Site

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R/1M Alexander Bearman 1st

R/1M Lucy Berry

1RK Thomas West 1st

1RK Summer Brandon 2nd

1/2W Molly Emmett 1st

1/2W Faith Inch

1/2L Alex Crandon 1st

1/2L Jessica Burgess 2nd

3/4S Georgina Phipps 1st

3/4S Charlie Shea

3/4R Isabelle Hayes 1st

3/4R Paige Hammond

3/4H Phoebe Snellgrove 1st

3/4H Clara Brundell 2nd

5/6M Mathew Howard 1st
Overall Winner

5/6M Alfie Austin

5/6W Eleanor Bedwell 1st

5/6WAnnabel Debenham 2nd

5/6P Stephen Hall

5/6P Georgina Painter 2nd