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Chairman's Annual Report 2016

Parish Council Chairman Cllr. John Philip's Report - May 2016

Parish Council Report 2016

At the Annual meeting of Council. Before the formal proceedings start I will be recognising three Councillors who stood down at the end of the last Parish Council and did not seek re-election, having served for at least 8 years.  I would like to take this opportunity to repeat the thanks expressed to them on behalf of the village. Paul Vincent joined the Council in 2008 and has served on many of our committees and as well as being the prime for our work on CCTV and involved in parking consultations early on, will always be remembered for his dedication to the provision of dog waste bins around the village. Peter Hammond has chaired the Cemetery committee for several years, co-ordinating the acquisition of more land to allow us to enlarge the cemetery.  He was also instrumental in the acquisition of the Youth and Community building from Essex County Council. Sue Jones was on the Council for 12 years and chaired the planning committee, as well as serving as Parish Council Chairman for 4 years to 2012. Many things we are doing today are as a result of the work that these councillors have done. I will be presenting each of them with a gift to thank them publicly.

Additionally, I will be recognising Councillor Peter Gooch, our planning committee chairman, who has completed twenty years of service on the Parish Council. For anyone to dedicate such a long time to serving the village is a significant commitment and I thank him for that, and his willingness to stand for another term.

I would also like to thank the other Councillors from the last Council who stood again this time, and I welcome back Councillors Annie Wood, Mike Hannibal, George Howard and Anthony Purkiss. You will see elsewhere in the Village News information about the 3 new Councillors who have joined this year. I would like to welcome Councillors Liz Burn, Andrew Crook and Craig Withers to the council and hope that they have a rewarding and enjoyable time serving the village.

I will have announced that this year’s recipient of the Theydon Bois lifetime achievement award is John Padfield. John has been active in the village for many years, served for 16 years on the Parish Council, stepping down in 2008, and was also our District Councillor. At EFDC, he was the Deputy Group Leader and in 1997-98 was the Chairman of the Council.  John was one of the major movers behind the creation of the new Village Hall and he remains a key player in the Village Association. He can still often be seen around the village making contributions behind the scenes. 

Finally, I have taken the decision this year to present the Community Award. This is an award for someone who, although not resident in the village, has made a significant contribution to the life of Theydon Bois. This award has only been given once before, but I felt that the contribution made by Sailesh Dawda needed to be recognised. Many, if not most of you, will have made use of the Theydon Bois Pharmacy run by Sailesh.  It was very clear at the meeting that we ran about the Limes Surgery how much the service that Sailesh provided was appreciated by people. Sailesh has been a fixture for many years, and indeed he appeared in the “Past Spring in Theydon Bois” in the first Village News after my election to the Parish Council.  We thank him for his dedication and look forward to many more years seeing him welcoming us in the Pharmacy.

All that remains is to thank you for your support of the Parish Council and look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.


Last Updated: 20th May 2016
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