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12th June 2019

The Vacancies have now been filled

The Vacancies have now been filled

18th February 2019

Theydon Bois Village Website Seeks New Volunteer Editor
In the early part of last year by Theydon Bois Parish Council decided to separate the Parish Council’s information section from the Theydon Village Website and tender for a commercially produced website. This will be run entirely under their own editorship. Jim Watts, the current volunteer Village Website editor and designer was informed of this in May 2018 and following some discussions with the Parish Council and having now edited the Village Website for 18 years, together with some recent health issues, decided the end of 2018 would be a good time for him to stand down. This would allow someone else to take the Village Website forward perhaps with a new approach.

Theydon Newsdesk is therefore seeking a volunteer for the post of Village Website Editor. This is an unpaid position, but all expenses are met from the Theydon Newsdesk budget that is funded by our sponsors.
This post would suit someone who loves our village and is interested in supporting it and promoting our community activities. They would probably have already retired, ideally have an interest in IT and are computer literate, or they maybe working, but have a little spare time and want to develop their IT skills further.

The new editor will join the Theydon Newsdesk Committee that oversees both the Village Website and Theydon Bois Village News. The committee normally meets just once each quarter of the year in the month prior to the publication of the village magazine.

Initially Jim Watts was due to stand down as editor of the site at the end of 2018, but is still willing to carry out essential maintenance and limited updates until a new editor can be appointed. He can give advice and some training to the new editor if needed.

The site now has hundreds of pages of information on our village and its activities, but only around ten require regularly updating. It was developed and runs in Adobe Dreamweaver software, but once established in the post the new editor will have total freedom to bring their own ideas and changes in discussion with the Theydon Newsdesk Committee.

So if the Village Website is to continue and move forward we need your help now. For more advice or to apply


6th May 2018: Epping Forest District Council Election Theydon Bois Results:
Theydon Bois - results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Councillor Sue Jones Conservative 810 64% Elected
Clive Amos Liberal Democrat 321 25% Not elected
Peter Richardson Labour 130 10% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 1261
Electorate 3324
Number of ballot papers issued 1263
Number of ballot papers rejected 2
Turnout 38%

All of the District Results

6th May 2018: Jumelage!:

This is the - very delightful – French word for town twinning –which is an interesting concept, and potentially fruitful in so many ways. And it’s something the Parish Council may want to see up and running in Theydon Bois.

Le Molay-Littry Map
Le Molay-Littery, France

The new Theydon Bois Twin Town Project is now looking to bring together a working group to develop a partnership between our village and the small town of Le Molay-Littry, in Normandy, France. We need representatives from all corners of the community, of any age and background, to help this move forward: schools, local government, businesses, churches, clubs and individuals.

Le Molay-Littry twinning flagsIt could be, of course, a perfect opportunity to practice – or learn – some French, but the community group across the Channel will be co-ordinated by a native English-speaker so there’s no need to worry about any language barriers.

In fact, there are no barriers to the benefits this project can bring. This would be your project and you may present any ideas you think both communities would enjoy - cultural, artistic, commercial, sporting, educational, leisure – everything can be considered. All those who want to learn more – or know a person or a group who might be interested – please call the Theydon Bois Parish Clerk on 01992 813442 or email at

Closing Date Friday 29th June

6th May 2018:Parish Council Afternoon Tea To Commemorate The End of WW1:

The Parish Council are holding an Afternoon Tea on Friday 15th of June that will commemorate the end of the First World War. This will be a 'Traditional Tea' and there will also be some period entertainment. This event is free and all are welcome. To book a place or arrange transport e-mail the Parish Clerk or phone on 01992 813442.

Rembrance Sunday Theydon Bois

Parish Council Afternoon Tea poster

30th April 2018:Vacancy For Assistant Parish Clerk:

Theydon Bois Parish Council

A vacancy has arisen at Theydon Bois Parish Council for an Assistant Clerk to support the Parish Clerk.
This position would suit a local resident with a keen interest in planning processes and community events as they would be supporting our very active planning and community liaison committees. Our community liaison committee are involved in many exciting events and projects including our Christmas Market, and the new website project that we are about to embark upon.
The Planning Committee meet every two weeks and someone who has a keen interest to learn planning processes would be an advantage.

The number of hours would be 10-12 per week and in addition attendance at some evening meetings would be an essential requirement.  The hours of work would ideally be spread across 3 days to be agreed with the current Clerk and the Council.The role will require the ability to take and write up notes of meetings, contact with members of the public and general administrative tasks.


Closing date for applications: Friday 25th May 2018

30th April 2018:Farewell to Assistant Parish Clerk Elizabeth Thomas:

Elizabeth Thomas Presentation

Elizabeth Thomas spent her last day in post as the Assistant Clerk/ Planning Secretary for the Parish Council last Friday. The previous evening at the last full Parish Council Meeting she was to attend a presentation of a gift and flowers was made by Parish Council Chairman John Philip.

Elizabeth said "I have worked for Theydon Bois PC for three and a half years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. There is no one typical working day, and the council is involved with so many different projects that it doesn't’t ever get dull. I’ve particularly enjoyed helping to plan and bring to fruition the Christmas Market and the seniors events – I love that time of year, and being involved with the community’s Christmas jollifications always made it even more special.

When I started here my three sons were all at school – my two eldest have now left home (in fact one has left the country as he is at university in Wales) and my youngest is going to senior school in September.  So it’s time for me to move on too – I’m going to be working for a PR company whose client base includes property developers, so my planning committee expertise, and my training as a journalist, will come in handy.

I’d like to thank the Chair, the Councillors and of course Caroline (Parish Clerk) for the beautiful flowers and the gift they gave me at my last Full Council meeting on Thusday - and yes, I will be dropping in on you all at Christmas time.

13th March 2018: Parish Council Minutes:

As from the only recently approved November 2017 Full Parish Council Minutes that have today been uploaded together with the approved January 2018 Minutes it has been agreed to attach the minutes of the relative months meeting of the Finance and general Purposes Committee Meeting. These minutes will appear below the Full Parish Council Meeting Minutes. Please note that as usual the minutes cannot appear on this until they have been approved by the following Full Council Meeting.

6th February 2018: Local Plan Submission Version Consultation Response:

Theydon Bois Parish Council has now published our detailed responses to the consultation on the EFDC 'Submission Version of the Local Plan (Regulation 19) that closed at 5.00pm on 29th January and it is available along with the response from the Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society from the Local Plan Update Page here.

8th January 2018: Local Plan Submission Version:

The Submission Version of the Draft New Local Plan is now available and the 'Consultation on Soundness' started on 18th December and will run until 5.00pm on 29th January. Responses which are submitted after 5pm on 29th January will not be considered. Please note you can only comment on the 'soundness' of the document. Not the selection as such. i.e. "why you consider the Submission Version of the Local Plan is not legally compliant, is unsound or fails to comply with the duty to cooperate".

In accordance with Policy SP 2 the following sites are allocated for residential development in Theydon Bois: (i) THYB.R1 Land at Forest Drive – Approximately 39 homes (ii) THYB.R2 Theydon Bois London Underground Station car park – Approximately 12 homes (iii) THYB.R3 Land at Coppice Row – Approximately 6 homes. A total of 57 new homes in total. (See page 151 of Submission Document). This is of course a very substantial reduction on the 360 new homes that were originally proposed for our village so hopefully the strong representations made by us all during the original consultation had some effect. Some of these 57 proposed homes are still destined for precious Green Belt land though.

If you made a submission to the original consultation then you should have received a letter regarding the 'soundness' consultation on the Submission Local Plan version, but the Submission Document and details are below.

The Submission Version of the Draft Local Plan is available here.

More information regarding the consultation is available on the EFDC website here.

  • Current Timetable:
  • Evidence gathering & background work (October 2011 - September 2012)
  • Issues & Options preparation and public consultation including initial sustainability appraisal (30 July 2012 - 15 October 2012)
  • Preparation and sustainability appraisal (October 2012 - May 2016)
  • Draft Plan consultation (31 October 2016 - 12 December 2016)
  • Draft Local Plan Consultation Closing Date 5.00pm Monday 12th December
  • Preparation of Submission Plan and Sustainability Appraisal (December 2016 - December 2017)
  • Pre-submission publication and representations on soundness (6 weeks)
    Regulation 19 (18th December 2017 to 29th January 2018).
  • Submission to Planning Inspectorate for Examination Regulation 22 (March 2018)
  • Examination in public (EiP) Regulation 24 (Subject to discussion with the Planning Inspectorate and time tabling) (Autumn 2018)
  • Expected adoption and publication (including policies maps) Regulation 26 (Autumn 2019

Local Plan Page

4th January 2018: Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2018:
The Parish Council Meetings for 2018 are now available and listed here.

7th November 2017: Welcoming Our New Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Caroline Carroll:
Unfortunately our recently appointed Parish Clerk Karen Anello decided that she wished to take up a post elsewhere, but we now welcome a new Parish Clerk who also takes on the role of Responsible Financial Officer for the Parish Council.

Parish Clerk Caroline Carroll

Many who have visited the Parish Office in the last few weeks will already have been met by Caroline's smile and welcoming manner. Caroline spent her childhood in Theydon Bois attending Theydon Bois Primary School and later Davenant Foundation School.  After leaving school, Caroline worked in the City as a Graduate Recruitment Manager for Ernst & Young, Credit Suisse and Lloyd’s Banking Group..  She married Zak in St Mary’s church in 2007 and moved to Kent but returned in 2010 to bring up her family.  She now lives in Hill Road with her husband and their three young children Luca 8, Heidi 7 and Francesca 5, all of whom attend the village school.

In her spare time Caroline enjoys walking her dog, playing tennis and socialising with friends.  She is a member of St Mary’s Church where she serves on several committees.

Parish Councillors and Staff Page

9th August 2017 Village Parking Situation:

The Parish Council reports that the 'Residents Parking Scheme' around Green Glade, Woburn Avenue and Hornbeam Road that has been put in place over the last couple of months seems to be making the parking situation in those roads easier, however it has caused a knock-on effect, which appears to be focused around Blackacre and Hill Roads.

It has also exacerbated the situation on the Abridge Road. Parish Council Chairman and District Councillor, John Philip intends to update village residents about any further progress on the Abridge Road scheme and particularly as to when the consultation is likely to occur.

7th August 2017 Summer Parish Council Activities:

For the first time, the Parish Council had a stall at the Donkey Derby, which was staffed by Cllrs Howard and Phillips for most of the day. We had a few people come and speak to us and some even put suggestions in our suggestion box. We will be looking to do this again next year so if any of you have an idea of what you would like to see there, please let us know via the Parish Clerk.
We also had our summer Theydon Seniors event, which was well attended. We welcome anyone from the village who wants to come along to one of these which we run about every quarter. There is always some entertainment, an opportunity to have a chat and refreshments are provided. This last time we had the Head Girl from the Davenant Foundation School who played the piano and sang.

7th August 2017 New Parish Clerk:

Finally, we have just appointed our new Parish Clerk, who will start after the August Bank Holiday Monday. Her name is Karen Anello and she lives in Epping. She brings a variety of experience and I am sure you will soon get to know her. More details and photo to follow soon.

4th July 2017 New Parish Clerk To Be Appointed Soon:

The closing date for applications for the post of Theydon Bois Parish Clerk has now past and interviews will be taking place shortly. It is hoped that a new Parish Clerk will be appointed soon. The Parish Office remains open and Assistant Clerk Elizabeth Thomas is handling all enquiries.

2nd June 2017 Annual Parish Council Meeting Says Farewell to Parish Clerk Julie Taylor:

Parish Clerk Presentation

At the Annual Parish Council Meeting last week a presentation of flowers and a voucher for art materials was made to our Parish Clerk of the last four years Julie Taylor, by re-elected Parish Council Chairman, John Phillip. Julie's always smiling and friendly face will not disappear from the village though as her new job is with Butler and Stag the new estate agents in Forest Drive. The Parish Council are advertising for a new Parish Clerk to replace Julie and the closing date for applications is 26th June.

As noted above the meeting also re-elected Cllr. John Phillip as Chairman and Cllr. Peter Gooch as Vice Chairman and there are also a few changes to Parish Council Committee membership that will be reflected on the Parish Council's Committees Page soon.

Parish Council Annual Meeting 2012

17th August 2016:EFDC Local Plan Updates:

As we approach the 2nd consultation on EFDC's New Plan Plan - Preferred Options we will post any information on the EFDC Local Plan Consultation page. This was formerly the Issues and Options Consultation Page and retains the information and guidance from the first EFDC Consultation in 2012. If we are to achieve the best outcome for Theydon Bois and the protection of our Green Belt then it is important that when the consultation starts on 31 October 2016 that all Theydon Bois residents respond before the closing date on 12 December 2016.

  • Current Timetable:
  • Evidence gathering & background work (October 2011 - September 2012)
  • Issues & Options preparation and public consultation including initial sustainability appraisal (30 July 2012 - 15 October 2012)
  • Preparation and sustainability appraisal (October 2012 - May 2016)
  • Draft Plan consultation (31 October 2016 - 12 December 2016)
  • Preparation of Submission Plan and Sustainability Appraisal (October 2016 - April 2017)
  • Pre-submission publication and representations on soundness (6 weeks) Regulation 19 (June/July 2017)
  • Submission to Planning Inspectorate for Examination Regulation 22 (November/December 2017)
  • Examination in public (EiP) Regulation 24 (Subject to discussion with the Planning Inspectorate and timetabling) (Spring 2018)
  • Expected adoption and publication (including policies maps) Regulation 26 (October 2018)

Updated 10th July 2016 : Introducing Our New Parish Councillors:

Elizabeth Burn
Cllr. Elizabeth Burn:
My family have lived in Theydon since the 1960s. Working from locations in London and the Home Counties, I was employed in the film industry for over 15 years, ten of which were spent as a freelance Production Co-ordinator. More recently, I have studied garden design and horticulture and currently I am a committee member of the Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society and the Village Design Statement Association.
Andrew Crook
Cllr. Andrew Crook:
I moved to Theydon Bois in 2008 and live with my wife and two children in Theydon Park Road. My childhood years were spent in Buckhurst Hill before living in London and abroad. My daily commute takes me in to the City, where I work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, responsible for managing global Finance projects. Locally, I am an active member of St Mary's Parish Church Council and the Church Choir. I have also been a Cubs and Beavers leader. I am passionate about preserving our village and surroundings, while being supportive of appropriate progress and change.
Rob Phillips
Cllr. Rob Phillips:
Rob Phillips moved to Theydon Bois in 2011, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. He works in Mayfair as the Bunkering Manager within the shipping department of a large steel company and holds a Masters degree in International Trade and Maritime Law. He is a keen gardener, enjoys country walking and history and is passionate about preserving the rural character of the English countryside. He is looking forward to serving the village community within the Parish Council.
Rob Phillips was Co-Opted onto the Parish Council after the Local Elections. See below.

Graig Withhers

Cllr. Craig Withers:

I was born in Waltham Abbey, educated locally and have lived in the Village since 2012. I spent thirty years as a police officer serving in two forces before retiring as a Chief Inspector in 2014. Now working as a consultant, in my down time I enjoy singing in St Mary's Church Choir and can also be found jogging around the local area most mornings before work in order to keep fit. I am a father, stepfather and married to a serving police officer who is also a member of the local church. I have a keen interest in supporting the local community as a new member of the parish council.

The full list of our Parish and District Councillors can be found on the Parish Councillors Page.

8th May 2016: Local Election Results:

District Councillor for Theydon Bois:

Election Candidate Party Votes %
John Philip Conservative 831 77% Elected
George Lund Liberal Democrat 254 23% Not elected

Our other District Councillor Sue Jones did not have to stand for re-election this time.

Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) election for Essex:

No candidate received more than half of all the first choice votes cast in the election. The
contest therefore proceeded to the counting of the second choice votes, with Roger Hirst, Conservative elected.

Theydon Bois Parish Council:

As we reported earlier below the election for Theydon Bois Parish Council was uncontested as there were only 9 nominations.

Full election Results for Epping Forest District



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