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Parish Council Minutes Archive 2001 - 2018

Parish Council Minutes are only posted on the website after approval by the following Parish Council Meeting.

The following Reports are for Parish Council Meetings from July 2001 to November 2018. Early meetings were Bi-Monthly and the later Monthly.Click on the date required to see the report.

From October 2008 Parish Council General Business & Finance Meeting Minutes are also available. Date is followed by (B) to indicate these. From January 2010 the Monthly Meetings with Public Participation are marked (PP) and other Parish Council Meetings are marked (PC). From January 2011 Monthly Minutes listed below are individual PDF's complete with the Clerks Report to the Parish Council.

From 1st July 2011 t
he main change is that whilst all Council Meetings have always been open to the public, the public are positively encouraged to attend on a monthly basis as they now have the opportunity to speak on Agenda Items APP (Agenda Public Participation only) at the Meetings in February, April, June, August, October and December and both on any Agenda Items and any other local matters FPP (Full Public Participation) which they may wish to raise at the Meetings in January, March, May, July, September and November.  This change will be reflected in the minutes from after that date.

From May 2017 there is a Public Participation Session that will allow members of the public to speak on any matters of concern at the end of all Full Monthly Parish Council Meetings. This is reflected in the minutes from that date.

The Parish Council Guidlines on Freedom of Information.


Parish Council Minutes List 2001 - 2018
2018 Minutes:      
  No December Meeting 29th November 2018 25th October 2018
27th Sept. 2018 27th July 2018 31st June 2018 31st May APM
26th April 2018 29th March 2018 22nd February 2018 25th January 2018 (includes F&GPS minutes)
2017 Minutes:      
  No December Meeting 30th November 2017 (includes F&GP minutes) 2nd November (Oct. Minutes)
28th September 2017 No July or August Meetings 29th June 2017 25th May 2017
30th April 2017 30th March 2017 23rd February 2017 26th January 2017
2016 Minutes:      
  November 24th 2016 October 20th 2016 Sept. 29th 2016
No AugustMeeting No July Meeting June 30th 2016 May 18th 2016
No April Meeting 24th March 2016 25th February 2016 28th January 2016
2015 Minutes:      
26th November 2015 29th October 2015 24th September 2015 August No Meeting
30th July 2015 25th June 2015 20th May 2015 (2) 20th May 2015 (1)
30th April 2015 26th March 2015 26th February 2015 29th January 2015
2014 Minutes:  
No Meeting 27th November 2014 30th October 2014 25th September 2014
No August Meeting 24th July 2014 26th June 2014 (APP) 29th May 2014 (AGM)
24th April 2014 (APP) 27th March 2014 (FPP) 27th February 2014 (APP) 30th January 2014 (FPP)
2013 Minutes:      
No December Meeting 28th November 2014 (FPP) 31st October 2013 (APP) 26th September 2013 (FPP)
No August Meeting 25th July 2013 (FPP) 27th June 2013 (APP) 30th May 2013 (FPP)
31st January 2013 (FPP) 28th February 2013 (APP) 28th March 2013 (FPP) 25th April 2013 (APP)
2012 Minutes:      
20th December 2012 (APP) 29th Nov. 2012 (FPP) 25th October 2012 (APP) 27th Sept 2012 (FPP)
30th August 2012 (APP) 26th July 2012 (FPP) 28th June 2012 (APP) 31st May 2012 (FPP)
26th January 2012(FPP) 23rd February 2012(APP) 29th March 2012(FPP) 26th April 2012 (APP)
2011 Minutes:      
27th January 2011(FPP) 24th February 2011(PC) 17th March 2011 EXTROD 31st March 2011 (FPP)
28th April 2011 (APP) 26th May 2011 Annual (FPP) 30th June 2011 (APP) 28th July 2011 (FPP)
No August Meeting 29th Sept. 2011 (FPP) 27th October 2011 (APP) 24th Nov. 2011 (FPP)
December 2011 (APP)      
2010 Minutes:      
28th January 2010 (PP) 25th February 2010 (PC) 25th March 2010 (PP) 29th April 2010 (PC)
27th May 2010 (PP) 24th June 2010 (PC) 26th August 2010 (PC)
30th Sept. 2010 (PP) 28th October 2010 (PC) 25th Nov. 2010 (PP) 16th Dec. 2010 (PC)
Earlier Years Minutes:      
2008 (B)


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