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Parish Council Meetings

Villagers are encouraged to attend all Parish Council Meetings. These are an opportunity to hear of issues affecting our village and you also have an opportunity to have your say. At the Annual Meeting of the Council in May 2011 the Council decided to adopt the new model Standing Orders produced by the National Association of Local Councils with some amendments to tailor them to our Council.  The main change is that whilst all Council Meetings have always been open to the public, the public are positively encouraged to attend on a monthly basis as they now have the opportunity to speak on any Agenda Items at the Meetings in February, April, June & October and both on any Agenda Items and any other local matters which they may wish to raise at the Meetings in January, March, May, July, September and November. 

The Council has Committees comprising the Finance and General Purposes Committee, Planning Committee (which meets fortnightly), Highways and Environment Committee and Community Liaison Committee.  All these meetings are also held in public and the public may attend.  The public may also speak in relation to any matters appearing on the Agenda of the meetings held by the Committees. 

From August 2008 Councillors have held One-to Ones (or Open Surgeries) on a monthly basis where villagers can discuss matters of concern in confidence. From the 1st July 2011 this format was changed to an appointment system at a mutually convenient time. Public Meetings are at 8.00pm on Thursdays. .

Minutes of all Council Meetings are published on the Village Website as soon as possible after approval (usually after the following months meeting). The Parish Council believes in full disclosure and therefore minutes of other meetings as well as related documents are available from the Parish Office on application to the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council Guidlines on Freedom of Information.

Parish Council Meetings - Dates for 2017

Theydon Bois Parish Council Meeting Dates 2017
Full Council
Planning  Finance  Highways,
Environment & Cemetery
Community Liaison
  Monthly Fortnightly
Bi. Monthly
Quarterly Quarterly
    05 Jan.      
    19 Jan. 18 Jan.    
  26 Jan.        
February   02 Feb.      
        08 Feb.  
    16 Feb.      
  23 Feb.        
March   02 March      
    09 March     08 March (FORWARD DATE
22 March
    17th March
Theydon Seniors
  30 March
30 March
13 April
  27 April
27 April        
11 May
  10 May    
      18 May      

25 MayAGM / APM

25 May

25th May
Annual General Meeting.

Parish Meeting

            9th June
Theydon Seniors
15 June
    22 June      
29 June
July   06 July      
      12 July    
    20 July      
  27 July        
August   03 Aug.      
        09 Aug.  
    17 Aug.      
  No Aug. Meeting        
31 Aug.      
September         06 Sept.
    14 Sept.       15th Sept.
Theydon Seniors
      20 Sept.      
  28 Sept.
28 Sept.
    12 Oct,      
  Oct. Meeting
2 Nov.
    9 Nov.     08 Nov.
    23 Nov. 22 Nov.      
  30 Nov.          

1st December
Theydon Seniors

    07 Dec.   06 Dec.   8th December.
Xmas Market
    21 Dec.      
  No Dec. Meeting        

Some of the above dates may be subject to change. or cnacellation.

Meetings with Public Participation. Villagers can speak on any matters of concern at the end of Parish Council Meetings in January, March, May, July, September and November. In February, April, June, August, October and December they may only speak with regard to items on that months agenda.

* Annual Parish Meeting - 25th May 2017 both the AGM of the Parish Council and the Annual Parish Meeting (Informal Meeting with Councillors) will now be on this date.

Theydon Seniors Events: Fridays - 17th March, 9th June, 15th September & 1st December 2017.

Litter picks are the first Saturday of every month at 9.00 at the Village Hall.

Christmas Market 2016 will take place on Friday 8th December(subject to confirmation).

The Acting Parish Clerk or Assistant Parish Clerk are normally available weekday mornings at the Village Hall for further information.

Officially the office will be open to the public to visit from 10 a.m until 12 noon Monday to Friday .

At other times, or if the clerk is out of the office, messages can be left on the answer phone,
No. 01992 813442. Faxes can also be sent to the same number.