The Society's Aims and Objectives:

The Theydon Bois and District Rural Preservation Society was founded in 1943 to preserve the rural character of the countryside in and around Theydon Bois as an appropriate and natural complement to Epping Forest, the objectives of the society are:

    • To resist all attempts of encroachment on the Green Belt.
    • To preserve all public footpaths and right-of-way.
    • To do such other things as may be incidental or conducive to the maintenance of local amenities.


    • Regular monitoring of Planning Applications (see our notice board on the wall beside the estate agents.)
    • Organising walks from the Village Hall to explore the surrounding fields and forest.
    • Two public meetings a year, in July (with AGM) and October, with illustrated talks on subjects of interest.
    • A newsletter is published annually in May.
    • Maintain an archive of photographs of historical interest.
    • Create a photographic record of trees of interest in and around the village.

New to the Village? The Society's Welcome Letter will also tell you a little more about us or see our page in the quarterly issues of
Village News. Back Issues Here.

Our Society Membership is approximately 1,700
with members in most of our Village Households.
Annual Subscription is £1.00 per person or £2.00 per household

Officers of the Society for 2019 - 2020:

The following were elected at this years AGM to be the Officers of the Society for the coming year:

President: Mr M R Chapman
Chairman: Mr P J Newton
Vice Chairman: Mr M Boyle
Secretary: Mr J. Watts
Minutes Secretary: Mrs V. Suckling
Treasurer: Mr M Boyle
Meetings Secretary: Mr J. Watts

There are also 12 Executive Committee Member places (at present with 3 vacancies). Officers or Committee Members can be contacted via the e-mail address below or further contact details are available on the village notice boards. The Society would be interested in hearing from people from the Village or surrounding area who wish to protect our Green Belt and the best aspects of our village. They would be very welcome to join the committee.

Diary of Our Events 2020: (In Village Hall)
Committee Meetings & Talks all start at 8.00pm
Tues. 7th Jan. 2020 Committee Meeting.
Tues. 3rd March 2020 Committee Meeting.
Tues. 5th May 2020 Committee Meeting.
Friday 3rd July 2020 AGM & Free talk & Refreshments: Speaker - TBA
Tues. 7th July 2020 Committee Meeting.
Wed. 9th Sept. 2020 Committee Meeting.
Friday 9th Oct. 2020 Free talk: Speaker - TBA
Tues. 3rd Nov. 2020 Committee Meeting.


Foot Path Walks:

The Society Organises a number of guided footpath walks each year to explore the fields and forest surrounding Theydon Bois.
We look forward to seeing members, villagers and visitors to Theydon on the walks which are all FREE.
All walks start from the Village Hall in Coppice Row, are at a moderate pace and last about 2 hours, well controlled dogs on leads are welcomed on all the currently listed walks. Please note on Sundays the car park at the village hall is usually closed, but there is parking nearby.

2020 Walks Proposed Programme below. Dates to be confirmed.

Walk Description
Sunday 5th April 2020 2.00pm "An Iron Age Fort" - make your stand against the Romans". A walk to Ambresbury Banks which according to legend is the site of the last stand by Boudica against the Romans in 61AD although there is no evidence to support this.
Sunday 3rd May 2020 2.00pm "Some Spring Lambs (hopefully) and an  'Earth Sculpture' with a view from a New Wood". A walk to the new Theydon Wood via Theydon's Sheep & Goat Farm. We can see (and walk) the 'Earthwork Sculpture by Richard Harris and from there have views across London. Binoculars worthwhile.*
Sunday 7th June 2020 2.00pm

"A Walk to Theydon Garnon & its church".

Sunday 6th September 2020 2.00pm "The Oak Trail with a Hill top View". A walk through the Epping Forest Buffer lands on the Theydon Bois section of the trail.*
    * These walks have stiles to be negotiated.

TB&DRPS has so far planned four guided footpath walks for 2020. As noted above all walks start from the Village Hall in Coppice Row, are at a moderate pace and last about 2 hours, well controlled dogs on leads are welcomed on all the above walks. These walks are a good opportunity for villagers new and old as well as visitors to acquaint themselves with lesser known parts of our village.

The Conservators of Epping Forest have decided that in future they will organise visits to the Deer Sanctuary themselves, but this will probably be on a paid basis. The Society may possibly run one Deer Sanctuary Wallk in 2020, but to limit numbers it will be by pre-booking only. Details to follow.

Walks Poster

The Preservation Society are also now starting to make details of their walks available as pdf's and the first two available are:

TB&DRPS WALK 01: Tracks - Past & Present (The walk of Sunday 3rd April 2011).

TB&DRPS WALK 02: Earthworks - Ancient & Modern. (The walk on Sunday 8th May 2011 and as 01/07/2012 ).

You are welcome to use these as an accompanying guide to the Society's walks or to try the walk 'under your own steam'.

Other Walking Links:

Essex Highways Footpath Map

This is an excellent Interactive Footpath Map for Essex. The Public Rights of Way of each path is identified on the map by a code number both for the parish and the path.  For example 'PROW 208_3' is in Theydon.  This code number can be seen by clicking on the path along with the grid reference. If you have any comments about this path, you quote this code when contacting Essex Highways to enable the Public Rights of Way team to deal with your query more easily.   

You can either use the zoom in/out function to find a specific area of interest on the map or use the search facility. You can check on who can use the different paths on the map by clicking on the 'Asset' Category on the left hand menu.  

You can enable additional map categories by clicking the corresponding tick box. 

Loughton & District Historical Society - (For Epping Forest Walks go to the walks page)

Walking in Essex
- Essex walks including Theydon & Epping Forest Walks - free to download.


For further information about The Theydon Bois Village Preservation Society or its events telephone Peter Newton (Chairman): 01992 813708  

or   E-mail: Jim Watts, Secretary



Last Updated: 24th October 2020