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This is the listing Page for all Theydon Bois Shops, which are located in Loughton Lane (1), Coppice Row (9) and Forest Drive (13). Pubs and Restaurants are listed separately on our Eats & Drinks Page. Gold StarWe are grateful for the support of Theydon News Desk Sponsors and these are indicated.

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Venus in Flowers

Venus In Flowers
1 Coppice Row

Contemporary Flower Design

Venus in Flowers Website
Tel: 01992 813106
Fax: 01992 815584

Nigel James

Nigel James
2 Coppice Row

Unisex Hair Design
Tel: 01992 814388

Greens Butchers Shop

Gold Star

Greens Traditional Butchers Swift House, 3 Coppice Row

Open Monday - Saturday 8.00am to 5.00pm
Tel: 01992 812144

Formerly John Phillips Butchers.
Now under new ownership from 21st August 2014


Saddlers House, Coppice Row

Hair Dressers

Tikadi Website

Tel:  01992 815700  


Curtain & Blind Shop

Theydon Gallery
Susan French Soft Furnishings
12 Coppice Row

Curtain & Blind Maker

Tel: 01992 813077


Tesco Express
Coppice Row

6.00am - 11.00pm

Tel: 0845 0269180

Post Office

Post Office
112 Coppice Row
Inside Tesco

Tel: 01992 815038

Premier Valet Services

Premier Valet Services
2 Forest Drive

Dry Cleaning Services

Tel: 01992 815808


Hetheringtons Countrywide
4 Forest Drive

Estate Agents
Hetheringtons Website

Now Closed & Bushiness transferred to John Wood - Loughton

There is now a new Estate Agents -
Butler & Stag at this site
. Page will be updated soon.

Theydon Bakery

Theydon Bois Bakery
6 Forest Drive

Fresh Bread, Rolls, Cakes & Pastries

Tel: 01992 814551


8 Forest Drive


Tel: 01992 813912

Theydon Bois Pharmacy

Theydon Bois Pharmacy
10 Forest Drive

Prescriptions filled. Wide Selection of Perfumes

Pharmacy Web Site
Tel: 01992 812130
Gold Star

The Pharmacy is a Theydon News Desk Sponsor


Quality & Excellence
Quality & Excellence Butchers
12 Forest Drive

Quality Butchers

Tel: 01992 813283

Village Valet

Village Valet
18 Forest Drive

Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Ironing Services

Village Valet Web Site
Tel: 01992 813245

Theydon Beauty

Theydon Beauty
11 Forest Drive

Beauty Consultants

Tel: 01992 813200

The Bookshop

The Bookshop
17 Forest Drive

Newsagents & Bookshop

Tel: 01992 813755

Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise
19 Forest Drive

Hair Salon - Discover your style

Lauren Louise Website

Tel: 01992 814888

Dentist Theydon Bois

Theydon Dental Surgery
23 Forest Drive


Tel: 01992 813951

Theydon Dental Surgery Website

Gold Star
The Demist is a Theydon News Desk Sponsor


Gold StarMartin Shepherd, Solicitors advising in the Village
are also Theydon News Desk Sponsors

martin shepherd website

Tel: Garth Cumbersome on 0208 367 3230

Gold StarWoodland Care Home, Loughton are also
Theydon News Desk Sponsors

Woodland Grove Care Home website
Rectory Road, Loughton, RG10 3RU
Tel: 0208 508 9220

Gold StarM & K Cleaning Services working in the Village are also
Theydon News Desk Sponsors

M & K Cleaning Services website
130, Church Hill, Loughton, IG10 1LH
Tel: 020 8502 1162

E- Mail:

Gold StarStevenette Estate Agents working in the Village are also
Theydon News Desk Sponsors
Loughton Tel: 020 3657 6576 Epping Tel: 01992 56309

We would encourage villagers to support all our local businesses (Use Them or Loose Them)

Last Updated: 4th July 2017