Theydon Bois Parish Council

Council Minutes 2001 - 2002

Report on Parish Council Meeting

Thursday 28th November 2002 in The Village Hall

Theydon Bois Parish Council Minutes
Bi-Monthly Council Meeting

Present: Cllrs J Eaton (Chair), P Gooch, M Hannibal, M O'Connor, M Oliver, J Padfield, S Powell, W Shales, R Smith

Apologies for absence were received from
Cllrs K Cushing and R Glozier

The Minutes of the meeting on 26th September 2002 were confirmed as a correct record.

Matters Arising

An invitation has been sent to District Councillor Roy Newland offering him the opportunity of a 10-15 minute slot to brief villagers on topics arising from his involvement at the District Council. The public will be given the opportunity to ask questions. He indicated that he would like to brief villagers on parking issues at the March 2003 meeting.

Advice has been sought from Epping Forest District Council regarding the unauthorised second hand car trading around the village. The cars disappeared a few days later and do not appear to have reappeared.

Andrew Ashford, senior partner of the Limes Practice, will talk at a special public meeting to be held at the village hall on 25th February at 8.00 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to outline the strategic plan for the Thrifts Mead surgery.

Aidan Thomas, Chief Executive of Epping Forest Primary Care Trust, will present to the public his views of the future health care provision in Theydon Bois at the Public Meeting to be held on 30th January, 2003. He will speak for 10-15 minutes followed by questions.

The police have been contacted regarding the disappointing response experienced by some villagers including Robin Lewelyn-Jones after a fire on his property.

Correspondence. The Clerk reported on the following:-

A letter from Norman Vigers regarding parking asking that consideration be given to implementing parking restrictions between 10. am and 11 am on certain the village.

A letter from D Bryan pointing out that Theydon Bois will be an easy target for the additional commuters that will be generated when Ken Livingstone's 'Pay to Enter' scheme comes into force.

An e-mail from Carol Williams asking that something be done to restrict the long period in October and November when fireworks are going off every night, often until late.

An extract from a recent Agenda from the EFDC Overview and Scrutiny Committee recommending to consider making representations to the County Council, the licensing authority, and the Government seeking changes in the law governing the sale and use of fireworks.

A letter from the Government Office for the South East containing a summary of the strategy for the M25 and orbital transport corridor around London.

A letter from a villager expressing his liking for leaving areas of the village green uncut through the summer.

Extract from Epping Forest District Council Committee Minutes. A resolution was passed that the Cabinet be recommended to reinstate a pest control service for rats, mice and wasps because of the public health significance of such a service and the difficulty of taking enforcement action against reluctant landowners, and that in relation to charging for the service consideration be given to concessions for residents in receipt of benefits.

Extract from an Agenda of the EFDC Overview and Scrutiny Committee regarding Decriminalisation of Parking Enforcement - Progress. There have been numerous complaints to the Council regarding the new enforcement arrangements which came into force on 1st October, 2002. Many of these relate to persons living in streets where there were existing yellow line restrictions, but insufficient on or off street parking for the residents' personal use. In the past traffic wardens have simply not issued tickets where they knew the transgressor to be a local resident. EFDC enforcement team will be unable to offer any such arrangement, and the only solutions will be either to amend the restriction or to provide residents' schemes. However, such changes will not be possible for quite some time since there are no resources available to undertake this work alongside other arguably more pressing traffic management issues.

Extract from the same Agenda regarding Countrywide Waste Management Strategy. Various options are being considered following publication of the 'War on Waste' consultation document. It is clear that whatever option is eventually selected, the residents of Essex will see marked changes in the pattern of existing service delivery as well as seeing significant increases in collection and disposal costs.

Extract from Epping Forest Local Council's Liaison Committee Minutes. In this District, Nazeing Parish Council are currently preparing a Village Design Statement, which can then be considered for adoption as supplementary planning guidance. Clearly, the objective of such statements, to influence developers in their approach to rural areas and villages, was worthwhile.

There is ongoing correspondence between The Tennis Club and the Parish Council regarding the proposed lighting at the Tennis Club.

To Approve accounts and confirm payments

The accounts up to 25th November 2002, having been circulated, were approved.


41.1 Cllr Gooch reported that there had been 15 applications since the last meeting. The one of most concern was the earth bund at Theydon Hall. This would involve transporting a large amount of material involving 6,000 lorry movements over a 2/3 year period.

The application for a Montessori school on the Old Foresters site has been withdrawn and the land sold to the developers who are planning a golf club at Blunts Farm.

Parking Forum

John Gilbert, Head of Environmental Services has been contacted pointing out that several other centres were mostly protected by the one hour parking ban to combat commuter parking whereas Theydon Bois residential areas have no such protection. The Pay to Enter initiative could well exacerbate an already serious problem here in Theydon Bois. It has been requested that EFDC officers focus the minds of the group of District Councillors looking into parking problems of these facts.


Cllr Smith reported that the hedge on the allotments needed cutting back and the groundsman at the cricket club had offered to do the work for £245. It was therefore proposed that the cost be shared equally between the Parish Council and the Buxton Trust.

Proposed Cllr Smith, Seconded Cllr Hannibal.
Resolved That the Parish Council spend £122.50 to cut the hedge on the allotments.

Ten people turned up to the last litter pick. Well done and thank you.

It has been decided to enter Theydon Bois in the Best Kept Village Competition 2003.

The Chairman, together with the clerk, attended the Definitive Map Seminar where the previous map, produced in 1963, was handed in and the new one collected. The Definitive Map shows the public rights of way including Byways, Bridleways and Footpaths through which the public can enjoy the countryside. The Public can view the map by appointment with the Parish Clerk.


We are still experiencing problems with clearing the spoil area of the Cemetery, which has been used for fly-tipping. We are working hard to find a way to clear the site at a reasonable cost. Should you see any suspicious vehicles entering or leaving the Cemetery, please note their number plate if you can and report to the Parish Clerk.


We have heard of instances of van drivers driving over the area including cultivated plots. It has been advised that those allotments not under cultivation will prevent the risk of travellers descending upon that land. It may be that the authorities have the right to move them on immediately from land under cultivation. Ploughing may also help to control the 'mares tail' weed problem.

The Buxton Trust groundsman had reported that the posts supporting the gates at the entrance to the allotments were in a poor state of disrepair. It was noted that a proposal to spend on replacement posts would be raised at the next Public Meeting.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Cllr Hannibal reported that it is a statutory duty to promote such a policy and that he had drawn up a general policy for the Parish Council.
It was therefore proposed that this policy be adopted.

Proposed Cllr Hannibal, seconded Cllr Powell
Resolved That the Equal Opportunities Policy be adopted.

Reports from Representatives

Christmas Tree
The lighting of the Christmas Tree will take place on 6th December. This year's chosen charity for the collection is the Haven House Hospice. Father Christmas will be present together with singers from Theydon Bois Primary School. This will be the last year which Cllr Shales has organised the event and Cllr Eaton thanked him on behalf of those that enjoy this annual festive gathering.

Buxton Trust
Cllr Smith reported that The Buxton Trust were pleased to welcome Jenny Hooker, who would be the first lady to sit on the Buxton Trust Committee. Cllr Smith thanked the Parish Council that consideration would be given to sharing the cost of cutting the hedge on the allotments.

There is some concern regarding vandalism and bad behaviour which is occurring on the playing fields and an article is being put in the newsletter regarding this problem.

Country Care
It was considered that an invitation be sent next year to an official to talk at a Public Meeting about the proposed future development of Stansted airport.
A request should be made to EFDC to extend the garden waste removal into the month of November.

Emergency Response Group
An informal meeting had taken place between Cllrs Eaton and Cushing with Chris Macdonald, a senior policeman living in the village, who was to peruse the Emergency Response Plan and report back.

Tree Strategy
Cllrs Padfield and Shales are to meet the Corporation of London in early December in order to discuss the Village Green and problem areas around the pond.

Cllr Padfield reported that there had been a successful hedge planting session involving the Rural Preservation Society and children from Theydon Bois Primary School.

The official Tree Strategy was nearing readiness for publication and consideration would be given to providing sponsorship, together with the Rural Preservation Society, for the project in order that every house in Theydon Bois would receive a colour copy.

Joint Churchyard Committee
The Committee have asked to have access to notice boards in the village centre.

Local Council Liaison Committee
Theydon Bois Seniors Club is now known as the over 55s Club. A donation has recently been made to the club towards their Christmas party.

Parking Forum
A meeting is to be held in early December with the British Transport Police.

Village Association
The Hall has now been in operation for a year and, although there are still some outstanding problems with the architects and builders, the hall has been very well attended. Open Gardens Day will be on 29th June 2003.

Web Site
Cllr O'Connor reported that Theydon Bois Primary School will be using the Parish Website to publish information.

West Essex Health
There appears to be some revised thinking with regard to the new Diagnostic Centre in Harlow.

Cllr O'Connor reported that One Stop is to become a Tesco Express and pointed out that it would need to be established what their plans were for the post office

The following topics were raised by the Public

Vandalised footbridges.
Rubbish down the road to the Old Foresters.
Police apathy to call outs.
Abuse of driving schools in the Village.
Commuters parking in Queen Victoria car park.
Concern over drains in Coppice Row
Trees blocking electricity sub-station.
The Playground at Theydon had raised £24,000 from grants and donations.
Front Gardens Competition would have three categories next year: Formal, Informal and Commercial.
Concerns over parking near the shops.
Request for a bus shelter similar to the one in Abridge to be put on the viaduct.
Concerns of tipping rights at Blunts Farm Golf Course


Thursday 26th September 2002 in Village Hall.

Theydon Bois Parish Council Minutes
Bi-Monthly Council Meeting
8pm on Thursday 26th September 2002 in The Village Hall

Present: Cllrs J Eaton (Chair), K Cushing, R Glozier, P Gooch, M Hannibal, M O'Connor, M Oliver, J Padfield, W Shales

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs R Smith and S Powell

The Minutes of the meeting on 25th July 2002 were confirmed as a correct record.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

.The Clerk reported on the following:-
A letter of thanks from Frank Jones for the gift of a cut glass vase and glasses which were presented to him by the Councillors on his leaving the post of Clerk to the Council.
A letter from Jennie Marchant of Epping Forest Community Transport outlining their Rural Challenge bid to obtain 2 new vehicles.
A letter from Mr E McGovern regarding the Community Transport Scheme highlighting it as a very good and worthwhile scheme.
A letter from Three Valleys Water regarding the water main improvements to be carried out from early October until Spring 2003. There will be temporary traffic management schemes in place and Three Valleys Water apologise in advance to local people for any inconvenience that this may cause.
An extract from Epping Forest District Council Committee Minutes stating that the Head of Environmental Services is to report on the budget necessary to secure the full or partial reinstatement of the Council's Pest Control Service.
Epping Forest District Council will be responsible for enforcing on-street parking restrictions on behalf of the County Council from 1st October. Parking attendants will replace traffic wardens and will issue Penalty Charge Notices to people parked illegally Extract from Epping Forest District Council Committee Minutes. The decision was taken that the revised verge and footway parking policy be adopted and enforcement based on the following priority order (1) safety-related in key locations, (including access by emergency vehicles), (2) safety related in other locations (including schools) and (3) non-safety related/amenity where other parking facilities are conveniently available.
London Underground are looking into the poor condition of the Old Station Manager's House at Theydon Bois Station.
There will be a presentation on 15th October at EFDC by BioRegional on the Beddington Zero Energy Development.
Letters have been sent to the Driving Standards Agency and Epping Forest District Council regarding concerns about the large numbers of driving schools now using the roads in the village for driving tuition. A number of complaints have been received at the Parish Office. There is ongoing correspondence between residents, The Tennis Club and the Parish Council regarding the proposed lighting at the Tennis Club.
There is a Community Consultation Clinic on 2 November organised by the Essex Rural Development Centre to provide information about community projects, including Village Appraisals, Village Design Statements and Parish Plans.

To Approve accounts and confirm payments
The accounts up to 19th July 2002, having been circulated, were approved.


Cllr Gooch reported that there were two planning applications of interest. The revised proposal for the Montessori school at the Old Foresters site has reduced t he size of the caretaker's flat. There is to be an extension to the staff room at Theydon Bois Primary School.


Cllr Eaton reported on a seminar which he attended called 'Focus on Flooding'. Items dealt with were flood prevention, emergency service responses and areas most at risk. There is an Environment Committee meeting on 15th October.

Cllr Cushing reported that we now have our first two sponsors for roses and the plaques will be going up shortly. There was a report recently in the local paper about unstable gravestones in a local cemetery. We are constantly vigilant about this and any gravestones that are considered a hazard are laid down and a letter sent to the owner, whose responsibility it is to maintain it. We are aware that the spoil area of the cemetery has been used for fly-tipping, some of which was identified as coming from a house being refurbished in Woburn Avenue. We are considering what steps can be taken to prevent this and catch the perpetrators. We are still looking for a gardener to spend a couple of hours a week in keeping the cemetery neat and tidy. A meeting of the Cemetery Committee is planned within the next few weeks to finalise arrangements to finish the planting for the Garden of Remembrance.

Reports from Representatives

Safety Group Meeting Cllr Margaret O'Connor reported on the meeting which was held on 3rd September. The evening was a great success and was made both informative and entertaining by Kevin Nowell, an expert in the field of self-defence. Participants were introduced to basic self-defence techniques and how to be aware of potentially difficult situations. The evening was attended by 40 women, the maximum number for this meeting, and was most enjoyable. Theydon Bois was the only village to be offered this course. At the end, everyone was issued with a personal attack alarm. Feedback forms were completed and it was thought that a similar course would be appropriate in secondary schools and more courses of this style should be offered in the village. This issue will be discussed at the next Vandalism and Anti-Social Behaviour Group meeting

Decriminalised Parking Cllr Robert Glozier stated that there are no new restrictions, rather that the existing ones will be more rigorously enforced. The area will have 9 parking attendants rather than 2 traffic wardens. Initially, there will be a 'soft opening' with warning notes issued with fines to follow. These will be 60 reduced to 30 for prompt payment. There may be a knock on effect with displaced vehicles in the area of the shops, for example, moving to Elizabeth Drive and Buxton Road. It is also District Council policy to stop illegal parking on the pavements and verges.

Forest Forum Cllr John Padfield reported on the meeting held on 21st August. The Corporation of London are keen to improve relations between themselves and other organisations concerned with the forest. Their aim is to inform the wider community of their work and aims and will be seeking comments from interested parties when they formulate their long term plans. There are plans to expand the grazing scheme Litter was seen as a major problem. There will be two meetings held per year and the next one will be in March 2003. 34.4 Theydon Bois Primary School Cllr Peter Gooch reported that he had recently attended a governors meeting and the school had made excellent progress in their SATS results, obtaining 97% in Maths, 100% in English and 100% in Science. He offered Mrs Bonds and her staff congratulations on this achievement.. The school will be holding an Arts Exhibition next spring. Resolved: The Parish Council will sponsor the Art Exhibition at the school in the sum of 100. .

Tree Strategy Cllr Shales reported that the Theydon Bois Community Tree Strategy held a second meeting on 10th September. Those taking part were Cllrs Padfield and Shales representing the Parish Council, Chris Neilan (EFDC), Paul Hewitt (Country Care EFDC), Ian Cox (Corp of London, Epping Forest), Bob Day (representing Tree Warden, Peter Newton (Rural Preservation Society). The purpose of the meeting was to consider further matters raised at the first meeting to finalise details for the Theydon Bois Strategy Report that Chris Neilan is to publish. Topics discussed were the identification of the Veteran and Landmark Trees, further planting of street trees for which EFDC will provide funding with some assistance from other local organisations, including the Parish Council. Closer liaison between the Parish Council and the Corporation of London to help overcome the problems encountered this year regarding management of the Village Green.. Next meeting 8th October to approve the report for publication.

Newsletter The Parish Council has been approached by the Rural Community Council of Essex to enter our Newsletter in the Village Magazine Competition for 2002 and our entry has been sent in.

Christmas Tree Arrangements for lighting the Christmas tree are proceeding and the event will be held on Friday 6th December at 6.30 p.m. at the Village Hall. This is a joint venture with the Village Association.

Epping Forest Museum, Waltham Abbey A brochure setting our their programme up to February 2003 is available in the Parish Office. Cllr Shales said the museum is well worth a visit and our support. Events include exhibitions, family events and illustrated talks on various interesting subjects. These talks last for about an hour and a half and cost 3.00. Tickets to be booked in advance (tel 01992 716882). Entry to the museum is free.

Doctors Surgery Chairman John Eaton reported on the closure of the village surgery run by Dr Pradhan and Dr Lowry. This is mainly due to the Epping Surgery being unable to recruit a third doctor. Also there is a proposal for a new Diagnostic and Treatment Centre at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, which inevitably will reduce the number of treatments that can be obtained at Princess Margaret's Hospital in Epping. However, Aidan Thomas, Chief Executive of Epping Forest Primary Care Trust, has indicated that consideration is being given for an alternative application for funds for a Diagnostic and Treatment Centre which could be sited somewhere other than Harlow.

Travellers Cllr Robert Glozier reported that there are travellers encamped at the Passingford Bridge end of Epping Lane and that they do in fact own the land. However, they have installed hard standing which is a breach of planning and the appropriate steps are being taken. In the meantime, there have been applications for some of the children to attend Theydon Bois Primary School.

The following topics were raised by the Public

Concerns over the closure of the Doctors surgery in the village.
Several cars with for sale signs with the same phone number parked in and around the village.
Illegal parking with cars on the pavement.
Lack of response by the police to an act of criminal damage caused by a fire on farm land which was attended by the Fire Brigade.
Mobile Police Vehicle not always in attendance when it should be and not manned by a fully trained policeman.
Flooding on Zebra Crossing caused by rubble from building work on the Viaduct. EFDC have now blasted the drains.
Spurs Football Academy. There is no news as the matter is still under discussion. 35.8 Rubbish in cemetery. EFDC have been asked to remove it.


Report on Parish Council Meeting

Thursday 25th July 2002 in Village Hall.

Theydon Bois Parish Council Minutes
Bi-Monthly Council Meeting
8pm on Thursday 25th July 2002 in The Village Hall

Present: Cllrs J Eaton (Chair), K Cushing, , P Gooch, M Hannibal, M O'Connor, J Padfield, S Powell and W Shales.

Presentation to Jacqueline Dodman.
The Chairman remarked on the contribution of Jaqueline to the Garden of Remembrance project. She produced the original design, had overseen the work of the contractors, designed the planting scheme and finally had dug the earth and planted them. Cllr Ken Cushing, Chairman of the Cemetery Committee, then presented her with a card and crystal vase.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs R Glozier, M Oliver and R Smith.

The minutes of the meeting on 30th May 2002 were confirmed as a correct record.

Matters arising:

Bus shelter. Bus Shelters Ltd has been booked to do the work and we await a start date.
Shot glasses. Suspected underage alcohol consumption evidenced by the discovery of a number of shot glasses on the green has been reported to the police.
Bench seat. The Council has been asked to provide a seat at the hall and had referred the matter to the VA. Cllr Padfield reported that it will be discussed on 5th August. 18.

Correspondence: The clerk reported on the following.

Letters of thanks received from PAT and the Seniors Club.
Thanks from Joy Wainwright to all who helped with Open Gardens Day which raised 4,765.36 for the Village Hall Fund. 18.3. Concern over commuter parking.
Pleasure expressed about the Jubilee celebrations and the announcement of ECC Jubilee Awards of up to 2000 to young people.
The first Forest Forum to be held in the Village Hall on 21st August..

To Approve accounts and confirm payments.
The following accounts up to 15th July, having been circulated, were approved. Income and Expenditure Budget Comparison. This year to 15/7/02.

Payments made from 21/5/02 to15th July (below) were confirmed.


Apri l1 - July 15, 02
£ Over Budget
1. Precept
2. Interest
3. Cemetery
4. Allotments
Total Income
1. Salaries
2. Administration
3. Donations
4. Enviroment
5. Cemetery
6. Allotments
7. General
Total Expenses
Net Ordinary Income
Other Expenses
Garden of Rememberance
Total Other Expenses
Net Income

Balance Sheet at July 15th 2002

Cash at Bank  
Deposit Account
Parish Account
VDH Account
Total Assets
Liabilities & Equity
Accounts Payable
VAT Control
Total Current Liabilities
Long Term Liabilities
Public Works Loan
Total Long Term Liabilities
General Fund
Public works Loan Board
Net Income
Total Equity
Total Liabilities & Equity

Payments made from 21/5/02 to15th July (below) were confirmed.

22/05/02 100203 St. Clares Hospice Donation 02/03
22/05/02 100204 M & H Landscapse Grass Cutting
22/05/02 100205 JF Dodman Plants gor Garden of Rememberance
22/05/02 100206 Transfer to COIF Deposite account
31/05/02 100207 David McNeil Escada Band Fee
31/05/02 100208 Peter Simmance Jubilee various
31/05/02 100209 Wif Shales Engraving
31/05/02 100210 Mrs. L. Welham Hire of Rotavator
05/06/02     Interest
05/06/02 100211 Jane Turner  
05/06/02 100212 M & H Landscapes 30/05/02
06/06/02 100213 Cornhill Insurance  
07/06/02 100214 Gardner, George May 02
07/06/02 100215 Jones Frank May 02
10/06/02 100216 World of Fireworks Fireworks
10/06/02 100217 Davenant Foundation School Arts Fund Jubilee
10/06/02 100218 Forest Hospital Radio Audio Equipment
10/06/02 100219 Theydon Bois Scouts Chairs
10/06/02 100220 Wendy Walker (Seniors Club) Jubilee Party
10/06/02 100221 John Eaton Cemetery Garden
18/06/02 100222 Three Valleys Water Cemetery
18/06/02 100223 Wybone Dog Waste Bins
25/06/02 100225 M & H Landscapes Grass Cutting
25/06/02 100226 Generated Power Services Generator Hire
25/06/02 100227 Village Association Donation 2002/3
25/06/02 100228 PAT Donation 2002/3
25/06/02 100229 Essex Playing Fields Donation 2002/3
02/07/02 100230 Jones Frank June 02
02/07/02 100231 CPRE Subscription
02/07/02 100232 Gardner, George June 02
02/07/02 100233 Inland Revenue Mar 02
03/07/02 100234 JF Dodman Plants for Garden
03/07/02 100235 Ken Cushing Hose Attachment
08/07/02 100236 M & H Landscapes Open Gardens Cut
10/07/02 100237 EALC Governance & Accountibility
11/07/02 100238 Ken Cushing Gift for J. Dodman
15/07/02 100239 BT Phone
15/07/02 100240 Notaprint Jubilee Scrolls
15/07/02 100241 Peter Simmance Jubilee Van Hire


Cllr Gooch reported that four recent planning applications are of concern.

A phone mast at Thrifts Hall Farm
A caretaker's flat at the Foresters which has four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
Two large extensions in Sidney Road and Dukes Avenue which would create a terrace effect on the street scene.
Cllr Eaton reported that a visit to tennis courts to view the effects of floodlighting had been inconclusive and a further visit would be arranged in October.

In the absence of Cllr Smith, the Chairman of the Highways and Environment Committee, Cllr Eaton reported that the planters in Forest Drive are outstanding at the moment and he wished to record the Councils thanks to the team of helpers who assist Barry and Jane Turner with watering and dead-heading the displays.

Cllr Cushing reported that further planting is intended for the Garden of Remembrance and this will take place in the Autumn. A meeting of the committee will be arranged for August to finalise the details.

In the Absence of Cllr Glozier Cllr Gooch reported on the fire that had destroyed one of the sheds. He also noted that there had been other vandalism both in the allotments and the cricket field where fencing had been damaged.

Reports from Representatives.
Rural Preservation Society. Cllr Powell reported
On 11th October there is to be an illustrated talk by Jenny Filby of the EFDC Leisure Services Team and Paul Cook, the warden of the the Roding Valley Nature Reserve about the reserve and its history.
Excavations have started on the Tudor Mansion at Copt Hall.
The text of the letter from the combined parish councils on the subject of the Spurs Sports Academy is available on the web site.
There is to be a Tree Strategy meeting on Tuesday 6th August. Cllr Shales reported that Chris Neilan will attend, as will JE, JP, P Newton, Jane Turner and himself.
No decision has been made about the proposed link road though it is thought that EFDC are opposed to it.

Cllr Shales announced that the lighting of the new Christmas Tree outside the hall will take place on Friday 6th December.

Web Site. Cllr O'Connor reported that a meeting had been held on 11th June to demonstrate the site to the village shop keepers. Jim Watts demonstrated what was planned and those present were impressed and enthusiastic to become involved. Cllr O'Connor remarked on the need to support the village shops.

Business Club. The Chairman commented on a publication circulated by the Ongar Business Club to promote Ongar businesses and suggested that the Council should give consideration to ways in which it might further our local businesses.

The following topics were raised by the public.
Transparent bus shelter outside the Queen Vic to replace the one on the bridge.
New security fence for the primary school.
Problem of emergency access to many areas of the village caused by parking.
Results of the Front Gardens Competition.
Hidden road sign on Loughton Lane opposite Frank Foster House.
Repainting of pillar boxes.

The meeting closed at 9.05 pm


Report on Parish Council Meeting

Thursday 30th May 2002 in Village Hall.

Presentation of the Chairman's Rosebowl.

The full Council were present when the retiring Chairman Cllr Wilfred Shales presented the Chairman's Rosebowl to Mrs Caroline Law for her outstanding contribution to the life of the village as Neighbourhood Watch organiser.


Election of Chairman.

As there were no other nominations Cllr John Eaton was elected Chairman for the coming year. He was presented with the Chain of Office by Cllr Wilfred Shales who then vacated the chair. The new Chairman then thanked

Election of Vice Chairman.

Again there were no other nominations and Cllr Peter Gooch was elected Vice Chairman for the coming year.

Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.
The Garden of Remembrance. The Chairman reported that the Rev. David Penegar had declared the Garden Open at a short Ceremony held the previous morning and attended by Councillors, representatives of EFDC and members of the public. Thanks were expressed to Mrs Jacqueline Dodman for her design, to Cllr Ken Cushing for directing the project and to all who had helped with the planting and watering of the garden.
Bus shelter. A quotation had been received for repairs to the shelter. The cost would be slightly in excess of 1,000 but the cost of replacement would have been about 4,000. It was unanimously agreed to proceed with the repairs.
Litter picks. The pick held on a Tuesday morning had not been well attended and so the next one will be on Saturday, 8th June at 9.30 outside the Village Hall.
The Green It was noted that a number of 'shot' glasses had been found on the green recently and that this indicated underage drinking. It was decided that this should be brought to the attention of the police.

Correspondence received. The Clerk reported on the following.

A request had been received from Wendy Walker, Chair of Theydon Seniors Club, for funding for the club's Jubilee Party. Cllr Smith proposed a donation of 100 and this was carried unanimously.
A letter from Inspector Glenn Mayes outlining "A New Approach To Policing."
A request for views on the future management of the M11 between junctions 4 and 14.
Notice of the selection by EFDC of The Warden Housing Association to take over ownership of Robert Daniels Court subject to the approval of residents.

Code of Conduct.

Cllr Hannibal reported that in order to meet the requirements of new anti-corruption legislation the Council needed to pass a resolution to adopted the Parish Councils Model Code of Conduct 2001. This replaces the previous code and imposes extra duties on councillors. Cllr R Glozier proposed that the Council adopt the new code and the resolution was passed.


Accounts for the year to 31/3/01. The clerk reported that the accounts are currently with the auditor and that approval should wait till they have been agreed with the auditor. Payments made since the last meeting were confirmed. New Cemetery fees and rates of pay for the year 2002 - 2003 were approved.


Cllr Peter Gooch reported that among the planning applications considered recently two had been approved involving the replacement of shop fronts. The committee had objected in the strongest terms to an application for a change of use of 3 Coppice Row from a shop to a 'takeaway'. A proposal to erect a mast on top of the telephone exchange had also been received and he had written to oppose it before a formal application is made. He mentioned that the telephone exchange had been added to the list of 'significant' buildings within the village and that this might afford some protection in the future.


Cllr Eaton proposed that the Village Association be approached to provide a bench seat at the front of the hall for the benefit of those waiting for the library van. The commemorative plaques taken from the seats by the pond that were vandalised might then be placed on such a bench. It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Chairman of the VA asking for consideration of this. The mowing of the greens is being undertaken by a new contractor and it is taking some time to iron out some of the problems. The Corporation of London have agreed to 'harvest' the whole of the 'top green' before Open Gardens Day.


It was reported that builders rubble has again been dumped in the compound. Evidence identifying the source was found the rubble and both the police and the Environment Agency have been informed.


It was reported that Mrs Jane Turner had arranged for a skip to be delivered to the allotments and a group of holders have been able to clear the site of a great deal of glass, metal, wire and defunct equipment.

Race Relations Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy

Cllr Hannibal reported that the Council will be introducing two new policies to meet the requirements of recent legislation. By the end of May the Council must produce a list of all its functions and will then, at the next pre-meeting, have to consider the how they might effect race relations. The Council will also have to decide how it will monitor these policies.

Reports from Representatives.

Joint Churchyard. Cllr Eaton reported that there had been two recent working parties to clear the area needed for the new development.
Safety and Crime Prevention. Cllr O'Connor reported that there had been a liaison meeting with the police on Tuesday evening but no police representatives had turned up. The two sub groups, Burglary Prevention and the Vandalism and Antisocial Behaviour, are working on their action plans and hope to publish them in the near future.
Village Association. Cllr Oliver reported that 'snagging' at the new hall remains a major concern as it seems to be taking such a long time.
Buxton Trust. Cllr Gooch reported that a party had been to visit two tennis clubs where flood lighting of courts is used. The Tennis Club has temporally withdrawn its application for the lighting of three of its courts. Web Site. A meeting has been set up to demonstrate the Village Web Site ( to local shopkeepers. It will be at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 10th July in the Village Hall.
Parking Forum. Cllr Glozier confirmed that EFDC are to take up responsibility for parking from 2nd October. Parishioners were warned that this will involve enforcement of current parking restrictions by a private company working for profit. New parking regulations will only emerge later.


Thursday 31st January 2002 in the Village Hall.

Members present: Cllrs W Shales (Chair), K Cushing, J Eaton, R Glozier, P Gooch, M Hannibal, M Oliver, S Powell and R Smith.
Apologies were received from Cllrs. M O'Connor and J Padfield

The Chairman welcomed the public to the meeting and spoke of the recent death of Mr Doug Denby, aged 83, one of a small number of villagers who have lived in the Village all their lives. Born in Woburn Avenue he lived most of his life in Red Oaks Mead. He served in the Royal Marines for 12 years, including the whole of the last war and following this he had a very varied life. His activities included being the Village chimney sweep, running a green grocery round and also carrying out gardening works for both large and small houses. Some may be surprised to learn that he a took a course in cordon bleu cooking at Loughton College and then hired his services to a number of large houses. He will be missed.

Paul Gardener is to move to a new role within Essex Police and PC Dave Hunt is now our community policeman.
County Councillor Janet Whitehouse wrote to say that funding for the resurfacing of Coppice Row has been given the highest priority by Essex County Council and, subject to confirmation, should be received by April. Funding for the repair of the drains comes from a different source but this should not delay the resurfacing. David Lane will be in charge of the work and is willing to meet the Council to explain what is planned. Cllr Smith asked whether the drains will be done before the resurfacing and suggested that we should insist that this is so.
Mark Simmance and Jonathan Smith have been awarded places on the World Scout Jamboree in Thailand in January 2001 and are looking for support in their fund raising.
There is to be a Community Fund Briefing for charities and groups helping those at greatest disadvantage. This will be at 12 noon on Wed. 20 February in the Village Hall.

The accounts up to 31 December 2001 were approved and payments made since the last meeting were confirmed.

Precept reduced!
The proposal that the Parish Precept for 2001 - 2003 be set at the reduced figure of 52,944 was carried unanimously. This is a reduction of 54 made to make it easier for 'rate payers' to check their 'rate demands'.

Cllr Gooch reported that among the applications considered by the committee two had been particularly noteworthy; floodlights for two courts at the Tennis Club and a mobile fone mast at Thrifts Farm. The committee had objected most strongly to both of these. Cllr Smith registered his strong objections to both and asked about enforcement measures being taken against dumping at Blunts Farm. Cllr Glozier reported that an enforcement notice had been served but that since then a three month extension, due to expire about now, had been agreed. Cllr Smith asked that the Council be kept informed about developments on this site.

Emergency Plan
Cllr Cushing reported that the Parish Emergency Plan has been revised and is now nearing completion. Cllr Powell suggested that Davenant School might be considered as additional emergency premises

Cllr Cushing reported that the landscaping of the Garden of Remembrance has been completed and that it is hoped to start planting soon. There will be an opportunity to sponsor various features in memory of loved ones, whether buried in the cemetery or elsewhere. Roses, benches, plaques are possibilities or the central feature which might be a sculpture, sundial or similar. Special thanks are due to Jacqueline Dodman who designed the garden and supervised much of the work and to Jim Archbell who has 'retired' as the cemetery and village handyman. Until a replacement is found Jim is continuing in a voluntary capacity.

Cllr Eaton reported on the following. The recent flooding of the zebra crossing has been referred to EFDC who have emptied the gullies.
A firm which makes 'our' type of bus shelter and a local company have been asked to quote for renovating the shelter. An attempt will be made to obtain advertising for inside the shelter.
A new Tree Strategy has been adopted for the village. Trees are to be planted in streets in places chosen in consultation with residents. Existing important 'landmark' trees are also to be listed and thus given some protection. A group of interested residents will be compiling this list and marking the trees on a map.
A list is also to be drawn up of 'significant buildings' in the parish. These should be pre 1930, of architectural interest or built by local builders.
Cllr Smith reported that Norman Riley has repaired and strengthened the metal benches along the avenue of trees. When the weather improved he will also paint them.
Cllr Smith also mentioned the damage being done by school buses and other large vehicles in Theydon Road and the danger they are to other road users.

Chairman's Report

Cllr Shales commented on the success of the Christmas Tree lighting at the Village Hall. A large crowd attended and enjoyed the festivities. He recorded thanks to all who helped with the arrangements and catering and David Penegar, the Singers, Santa and Theydon Pets who supplied the 'sleigh'.
Thanks are due to the Horticultural Society who will be organising The Front Gardens Competition this year. Details will be published in the April Newsletter.
Volunteers are needed to help with the delivery of the Newsletter. Names should be given to the Clerk.
The clerk is to attend an Essex Ambulance seminar about the use of defibrillators in the community to see if there should be one in the village.
Thanks are due to Peter Newton who made repairs to the litter bins around the green. EFDC has now replaced the remaining broken ones.
Trevor Roberts has now completed the Historical Record of village life for last year.

Reports from Representatives
Cllr Powell reported on the Copped Hall programme of walks, open days and lectures planned for this year.
Cllr Glozier reported on the Safer Communities meeting on the 24th. Six volunteers have come forward to work on the three action groups seeking to reduce burglary, vandalism and youth antisocial activity, but more volunteers are needed.
Cllr Eaton reported that there are still problems with the booking system at the Limes surgery. The management see no need for a patients group but they recently held a 'team building exercise' on a Friday which meant that all the surgeries in the group were closed from Thursday afternoon to the following Monday morning.
Cllr Glozier reported that the views expressed to the Parking Forum have been roughly equally pro and anti increased restrictions. The current situation is that EFDC hopes to take over control of parking in October. They will then employ a contractor to enforce the existing restrictions and use the profits to employ an engineer whose job will be to review all new parking schemes for the district which must be self financing. The village has a place booked in this queue and, although it might be several years before we get to the front, we now have far greater flexibility in the type of parking scheme that can be implemented. The Forum is considering various schemes involving different types of restriction in different parts of the village and will be consulting residents.

Public session
Open Gardens Day will be the 30th June. Joy Wainwright is looking for new gardens to have open this year. There is now no possibility of moving the Christmas tree to a more visible position but as it grows it will become more visible above the hedge. which cannot be removed.


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 21.15.

Report on Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 25th September 2001 in the Church Hall.

Present Cllrs W Shales (Chair), J Eaton, R Glozier, P Gooch, M Hannibal, M O'Connor, M Oliver, J Padfield, S Powell and R Smith.

The meeting started with a Presentation, by the Chairman, of a Crystal Vase to Mr Norman Riley in appreciation of his gift to the village of four new metal bench seats and their installation at the pond. Mr Riley was roundly applauded.

27. To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 26th July.

The minutes had been previously circulated and were confirmed as a correct record.

Weight restriction on roads:

Cllr Eaton raised the issue of the removal of the weight restrictions on the viaduct once repairs are complete. The Chairman that, despite reminders, he had not received any reply from Essex County Council on the subject. Cllr Smith raised the question of width as well as weight restrictions on roads approaching the village as a double decker bus now collects children for School. Cllr Padfield reported that the Enquiry into the proposed new link road between Waltham Abbey and Enfield Lock has started. This road, if built, could bring more lorries up Woodridden Hill and through the village and that EFDC will be stating their objections to it. He expects that the result of the enquiry will not be known until early next year.


The Clerk reported on the following correspondence received;

Notice of an ECC seminar on sustainable freight distribution in Essex to be held on Tuesday 9th October in Chelmesford. Cllr Eaton agreed to attend if he is free.

A letter from Susan Hutchings about the heavy traffic using Piercing Hill and Theydon Road. The possibility of designating the village as a Home Zone and the roads as Quiet Lanes should be addressed.

David Lane of EFDC has written with proposals for work on the surface water drains and road surfacing in Coppice Row. He hopes that money will be provided by ECC and the work will be able to go ahead in summer 2002, including carriageway and footway reconstruction.

The Environmental Protection Act requires EFDC to identify all 'contaminated sites' in the district and help is sought from the Parish Council and local people.

An invitation to councillors from Loughton Town Council to visit their new offices in Rectory Lane on Saturday 6th October between 10.30 and 3.00.

Village Hall Development:

Subject to licensing and certification the Montessori school will have access to the multipurpose room from Monday, 1st October, via the service entrance.
The rest of the hall will be ready on Monday 8th, the key being handed over on Friday 5th. Help will be needed to move 'stuff' back into the hall.
The car park, including drainage, will be complete by Monday 15th.
The Opening ceremony is confirmed as 12 noon on Sunday 4th November.
Cllr Padfield reported that a subcommittee of those involved in running the old hall would be meeting to draw up a job specification for a Hall Manager.
In reply to Cllr Eaton Cllr Padfield reported that the line of the service road kerb had now been corrected so that there is a space between it and the Church Hall hedge.


Cllr Gooch reported that the Clerk would be writing to the developers of 13 Dukes Avenue to ascertain when the project will be complete.

Cllr Smith asked about the two applications for the development of Tidd's Garage. Cllr Gooch explained that plans for an office block had been approved five years ago and an extension of time was being requested. The committee had objected to the plans 5 years ago and are now objecting to the extension. They had no objection however to a new proposal for a block of 6 flats on the site.

Cllr Smith asked about Blunt's farm. Cllr Glozier reported that EFDC has authorised enforcement action but cannot say when this will be taken.

Cllr Smith reported that he has received a report from the Inspector dealing with the appeal for a mast at Thrifts farm. In it the inspector had considered the green belt of particular importance. He will pass the report to the clerk for circulation. He also noted that other companies will probably be reluctant to share the mast at Mossford Nursery.


In the absence of Cllr Cushing Cllr Eaton reported that the plans for the creation of the Garden of Remembrance are well advanced and work is expected to start in the Autumn.

A contractor has now been appointed to carry out repairs to and the widening of the cemetery roadway.


Cllr Eaton reported that the committee will meet in October but that progress on matters that have been reported to EFDC is still very slow. The two litter bins, one in Loughton Lane and on beside the bus shelter are still awaiting replacement. He expressed thanks to the unknown individual who takes care of the former. The problems with the bus shelter are now beyond the capacity of the handiman and it is hoped to find a professional who will undertake repairs. It is also hoped to find some advice and sponsorship from the bus companies who stand to benefit by a well maintained shelter.


Cllr Glozier thanked the Cricket Club and Matt for the improvement in the appearance of the allotments since several plots had been flayled. It is hoped that a group of plot holders will help clear unused plots to facilitate this.

Chairman's Report:

Theydon Bois Partnership. The first meeting of the new Partnership took place on the 19th September. The first task will be to organise the celebrations for the Jubilee on Monday 3rd of June 2002 and Peter Simmance has accepted the job of leading this. Other tasks that might be taken up later are the Front Gardens competition, Anglia in Bloom and the Christmas tree. The next meeting of the partnership will be Thursday 18th October at 7.45 in the Baptist Church Hall. Details of funding by the council of up to 5000 have yet to be decided.

Anglia in Bloom. The Presentation of Prizes was a very grand event indicating the increasing prestige of the competition. Cllr Shales had been given the impression that all the winners had teams of volunteers working towards the competition all year round and that Theydon Bois would have to do likewise if it was to repeat its achievements of the past. We received favourable comment for the Churchyard, the Front Gardens Competition and the litter-free appearance but we did not win any prizes this year.

Revitalized Villages. Cllr Shales reported that grants are available to provide transport and a range of services in the village. The first step in obtaining these grants is to produce a Village Plan, a grant for which is also available.

Planning for Emergencies. Cllr Cushing attended an Emergency Planning meeting which considered the lessons to be learned from the plane crash at Stansted last year. Theydon Bois is one of the few villages in the district without an emergency plan and a committee of three councillors will be set up to rectify this situation.

Reports from Representatives:

Police. Cllr Glozier reported that, thanks to the effort of Neighbourhood Watch and other volunteers, there had been a good (30%) response to the crime audit survey and that the returns are now being analysed by the police. The next stage is the production of an action plan which will be presented at a public meeting in the autumn. In response to a question Gllr Glozier indicated that the present thinking on CCTV would involve some limited, discrete, lighting near the shops and the station approach.

The School. Cllr Gooch reported that the OFSTED inspection was now complete and the inspectors seemed happy, although the report is not yet available. Rural Preservation Society. Cllr Powell reported that the next meeting will be held in the Church Hall on the 12th October at 8pm.

New Bus Service. Cllr Smith reported that a new service has started which will link Epping underground station to St Margaret's and Harlow Hospitals. The service, using a green double decker, will run from Loughton to Harlow every hour and details will be available at the Parish Office. Unless the service is used it will not continue after the new year.

Limes Link. Cllr Eaton reported that the committee has made some changes and members have been visiting the surgery waiting rooms in order to obtain opinions from patients. These views are then passed on to the management.

Suspension of the Council meeting to allow local government electors to speak on items in the agenda and of local importance.

Peter Newton drew attention to the 'narrow road' provision at the Sixteen String Jack where traffic up the hill has precedence over that descending. He noted that the associated road markings are no longer visible and suggested that the re-doing of the signs with new emphasis might lead to a reduction in traffic speed. It was also suggested that the Council consider 'flashing' 30mph signs.


Report on the Council meeting held on 26th July 2001.

Before the Council meeting started there were three special items.

Mark of Respect. The Chairman asked all present to stand for a minute of silence for ex-Councillor Tony Gilbert who passed away recently.

Presentation of the Chairman's Rosebowl Cllr Shales made the presentation to Mrs Sally McMeekin in recognition of her work as the leader of the Day Club.

Theydon Bois Village Web Site. A short demonstration was given of the Village Web Site by Mr Jim Watts assisted by Cllr Gooch. (The site can be seen at

It being the start of the holiday season Cllrs Glozier, Oliver and Powell were away.

The bridge over the railway: Cllr Eaton raised the issue of the removal of the weight restriction on.the bridge when the repairs are complete. He advocated action to prevent the village becoming a through link road to the M25 from the Romford area.
Cllr Shales confirmed that he had written to Essex County Council asking for assurances that the four roads into the village, from Abridge, Loughton, Waltham Abbey and Epping, would be restricted for heavy vehicles when the repairs to the bridge are completed.
Cllr Padfield reported that there is a 7.5 ton restriction on Coppice Row and there would be no change detrimental to the village.

Road Safety Improvements: A letter has been received from ECC about proposals for road safety improvements at the junction of Loughton Lane and Coppice Row. This involves six new 6m (20 ft) high lighting posts round the junction and the zebra crossing. The Council had previously expressed concern about the height of the additional lighting and the lack of proposals for the Coppice Row Piercing Hill junction.

New Playground Equipment: Cllr Shales has written to PAT confirming the Council's support for their application to the Essex Environmental Trust for a grant of 14,400 towards the replacement of the centre piece of the playground.

Finance: The accounts for the quarter April to June, having been circulated, were approved and payments made since the last meeting were confirmed. Cllr Cushing, the Financial Controller, reported that, due to the interest earned on the building fund, the Council is expecting a healthy surplus at the end of the year.

Village Hall Development: The Contractor has confirmed that the New Hall is expected to be finished by 24th September and the car park by 8th October. Demolition of the old hall is due to start on Monday 6th August. There is still an expected shortfall of 60 to 70 thousand pounds but Cllr Padfield was optimistic that there should be no alarms. He recommend that the VA fix the Opening Ceremony for Sunday 4th November at 12 noon.

Planning: Cllr Gooch reported that the committee had considered 14 applications, most of which were routine. A controversial application was for a mobile phone mast at Mossford Green Nursery. This is outside the village, some distance from any residence and can be shared by several mobile phone companies. For this reason the committee had raised no objection to it subject to the condition that all applicants be required to use this mast rather than erect others. Cllr Smith stated that he was opposed to the siting of masts within the greenbelt.

Cemetery: Cllr Cushing reported that firm quotations had now been received for the work on the Garden of Remembrance and that the one accepted, from a recommended contractor, was well within our budget.
Quotations had also been received for the roadway repairs but further clarification is being sought before a decision is made. Plans include widening of the roadway to provide more parking for funerals.
Work on the repair and stabilization of headstones will start soon and the committee is seeking to improve the quality of the mowing of the cemetery.

Environment: Cllr Eaton reported that at long last Epping Forest District Council had replaced the litter bin near the Village Sign. Unfortunately the bin by the bus shelter was set on fire and destroyed. The committee is looking into the question of speed limits in the village and they are also investigating the possibility of getting a Conservation Order for the area round Gaunt Cottage, the Church, the old school and the Hoppit.
The Anglia in Bloom Judges visited the village on Friday 20th and were pleased with what they saw. Cllr Padfield commended the Horticultural Society for the fine display in the planters.

Reports from Representatives:
Police. Cllr O'Connor reported that there had been a good response to the Community Safety Survey and the returns are now being analysed. It is expected that the new Mobile Police Station will appear in August and will be based in the Queen Victoria Public House carpark.
Community Transport. Cllr Smith reported that Cllr Glozier had attended the launch of Effect who are keen to increase the number of buses in the scheme. Funding of 10,000 over three years is available to the Council to purchase a minibus which could be available to the scheme when it was not needed for residents of the village. This could be one use of the surplus referred to by Cllr Cushing but problems such as garaging and maintenance would have to be addressed.
New Benches. Cllr Smith reported that the new benches provided by Norman Riley have now been installed. Thanks are due to Mr Riley, his two sons, Christian and Warren, Matthew O'Reilly and Dave Renolds who set the seats on new concrete plinths. Cllr Eaton added that a new Brass Plate will be engraved with the names of those in whose memory the previous seats had been presented.
The School. Cllr Gooch reported that there is to be another OFSTED inspection starting on 17th September. The school has now a full and stable staff and a new ICT suite of 16 computers has been installed.. The SATs results, which are above expectation, are as follows:

Science Maths English
Stage 1: 98%, 98%, 96%
Key Stage 2: 94%, 76%, 86%

Local Shops. Cllr Cushing reminded the Council about the difficulties faced by local shopkeepers and the dangers of losing shops if villagers don't use them.

Public Comments:

Dropped Kerbs. Kate Coulsen asked what can be done about people parking across dropped kerbs, preventing access by the disabled? It was suggested that cars causing obstructions should be photographed and reported to the police. Villagers are asked to take care when parking not to obstruct the dropped kerbs which are clearly marked.


Last Up dated: 8th August 2003