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20th September 2017 Preservation Society October Talk:

Presevation Society October talk poster

13th September 2017 Community Crime Prevention Autumn Warning:

Upon walking down the road and with the darker nights now it is easy to spot that empty house; there is a line of houses, lights within and signs of occupancy. In the middle of these houses is a similar house but this one is in darkness with no signs of occupancy, easy to spot the empty house and chances are the burglar will too. At this time of year an increased number of house burglaries occur between dusk and when you get home. You don’t have to be a magician to create the illusion of occupancy and it may help protect your house.

To become an illusionist make your home appear occupied even when you are out. Simple things like lights on timers in rooms that you would normally occupy whilst in and a TV simulator for the evenings, you can now even get a timer that fits over your light switches (search on the internet for light switch timer) and door bells you can monitor and answer remotely via your mobile phone. During the day leave a radio on, boots outside the back door, newspaper over the arm of the chair with a drink on the table and a pair of spectacles, the list goes on. Don’t leave garden tools out in the garden though or you may find the burglar uses them. Lock tools securely away in a secure shed or garage; use a shed alarm these can also be remotely monitored too.

13th September 2017 Primary School 60th Anniversary:

Primary School 60th Anniversay Poster

8th September 2017 Pre School Sale:

Pre School Sale Poster 2017

15th August 2017 Coppice Row Road Closures:

Coppice Row will be closed to traffic from Orchard Drive to Piercing Hill (including number 7a piercing Hill) from 24th August 2017 for 4 nights from 7.30pm - 05.00am. There are no planned weekend or Bank Holiday work days.

15th August 2017 Epping Forest Consultative Committee User Group Participation Invite:

I am pleased to announce that the Epping Forest and Commons Committee has approved the foundation of a Consultative Committee to discuss, with representatives or user organisations, matters of management and policy at Epping Forest. This committee will supplement existing consultative arrangements, including elected Verderers; Local Authority Liaison Groups and subject-based web consultations and visitor surveys. We are now inviting expressions of interest from those user organisations who wish to be involved.

A full copy of the agreed Terms of Reference can be found at, with further matters of order to be discussed and decided by the group once established.

If you wish to nominate a member of your organisation to represent you please reply to with the following, no later than 22nd September 2017.

  • ·         Name and contact details of your organisation
  • ·         Name and contact details of nominated representative
  • ·         Membership numbers, plus details of further affiliations if appropriate
  • ·         Geographic area of interest (if only part of Epping Forest), plus subject interest (eg sports, heritage, conservation etc)
  • ·         A copy of your organisation’s constitution and details of legal status (e.g. registered charity).

I hope many relevant district organisations are able to join us in this new phase of Epping Forest’s engagement with the Forest community.

Paul Thomson
Superintendent of Epping Forest
City of London Corporation, Open Spaces - Epping Forest
The Warren, Loughton, Essex, IG10 4RW
(Registered Charity 232990)
Office 020 8532 1010 


15th August 2017 St Mary's Church Joins New Benefice:

On 28th September, St Mary's church joins a new United Benefice to be known as the Theydon parishes.  The other parishes in the group are All Saints Theydon Garnon, St Michael's Theydon Mount and St Mary's Stapleford Tawney, and Rev John Fry will be the Vicar of this whole new Benefice. 

Day to day, this means that our Vicar is responsible for more churches, and there will be a few changes to our service pattern, the main one of which is that when there are 5 Sundays in a month, the main service will be a joint service at 10a.m. at one of the churches of the Benefice.  A new website will be launched soon, but in the meantime, if you wish to contact St Mary's or make bookings for celebrations of Baptisms or Weddings, or for other life events please contact our Benefice Administrator, Sarah Bowen. Tel: 01992 814725,

St. Mary's are also looking forward to welcoming our new Archdeacon.  Details can be found at 

15th August 2017 Stay Well This Winter Exhibition In October Includes Free Lunch & Entertainment:

Stay Well this Winter Poster

15th August 2017 Playground at Theydon Safety Work & Funding Update:

The Playground At Theydon committee has been hard at work trying to secure funding for the site in Green Glade as some of the equipment was so unsafe it has already had to be removed. A team of dads spent a day removing the toddler slide and the chain link piece of equipment as the supporting wood poles had rotted.

PAT Safety Work

The PAT committee is trying to raise £113,000 to replace the entire playground including with a new rubberised floor. They have so far reached half of that total with the Parish Council stepping in to give £20,000 with another £20,000 public works loan. Other money has come from some very generous donors and also some other, smaller grants. At the time of press the PAT committee was working hard to get enough votes to win a £25,000 community fund award from OneFamily, a financial services provider. They contacted the Epping Forest Guardian who came and took photos of some of the children in the playground to highlight the scheme. The voting ends on 6th September, so Please Vote NOW (See below). The PAT committee have also held another quiz night at the Bull pub and secured £2,000 in funding from Tesco Bags of Help scheme.

15th August 2017 Vote Now to Support Playground At Theydon's (PAT) Bid For Funds:

The Playground At Theydon charity is calling on people in the Epping Forest area to vote for it to help it secure £25,000 in funding. The committee are desperately trying to raise enough funds to replace all the equipment on the site and the rubberised flooring as well. So far they have raised half of the £113,000 total but are hoping to win a community award from the OneFamily Foundation. The playground on Poplar Row in Theydon is a popular site set opposite the Green and gets many visitors from the surrounding area as well as the village. But the present equipment was installed 25 years ago and as it is wooden much of it is rotten and two pieces of equipment have already had to be removed because they were unsafe. The committee have secured £40,000 from the parish council and other smaller donations and hope to be able to reach their total and replace the equipment by the end of the year.

All they need is to get the most votes to win the community award from One Family, a customer-owned financial services company.

PAT committee chair Shelley Dix said: "Our playground is desperately in need of some love and attention and we would love to be able to replace the equipment this year. If we could win this community award it would really help us on our way. We would be very grateful if anyone could vote for us, it only takes a minute but the outcome could make all the difference for us."

To vote, people can log on at the Foundation One Family Theydon Page The voting opened this week but closes on September 6.

Alternatively, people can donate straight to the Playground At Theydon by contacting PAT chair Shelley Dix on 07919 215465

15th August 2017 Theydon Authors First Book Supports Children's Charity:

Michelle Horgan Childrens Author by the PondTheydon resident  Michelle Horgan is busy working Mum of two year old twins who has just published her  first children’s book “Can the Geese come to stay”, a short story with beautiful illustrations by Arthur Ella.  The story is set on Thelwood Pond very much based on life in and around our Village Pond.

Michelle says that she was inspired to write the story at the height of the European refugee crisis  when, during  maternity leave in 2015, she and her new-borns were regular visitors to the village pond close to the family home in Green Glade.   One morning Michelle noticed the way the ducks had arranged themselves on the pond.  It looked as though they were having a meeting to discuss something important…… and so the germ of an idea was planted to write a short children’s story around some ducks living on a pond who were debating whether to allow a flock of migrating geese to stop at their pond as part of their yearly migration for hundreds of miles to get away from the wintry conditions of the frozen lake they used to call their home.  The characters Captain Romano, Malika and Velvet alongside the other Thelwood pond residents talk over whether the geese will be welcome at the pond.   With this theme Michelle hoped to create a story with a message about tolerance and empathy for the younger generation to read and be inspired by

Having such a busy life Michelle says it has taken her quite a while to get the story to the point she could publish, but she is so proud that it is now available as an ‘e’ book download on the Kindle platform.  She is also working towards getting it printed into a hard copy format.

Given her motives and the inspiration behind it, Michelle has decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of the book to UNICEF, the global charity which works tirelessly to support child victims of the current refugee crisis.  The book is available via Amazon’s Kindle Store priced at £2.49.

15th August 2017 Front Garden Competition Winners:

Front Gardens Competition Winners info

10th August 2017 Introducing Our New Parish Clerk - Karen Anello:

Parish Clerk Karen Anello

Theydon Bois Parish Council are welcoming a new Parish Clerk, Karen Anello.

Karen has a background in IT, and has a varied work experience with jobs in a local primary school, a solicitors practice and more recently a furniture restoration company. Karen is married with two teenage children, and has lived in Epping for 18 years. When off duty, her hobbies include keeping fit, boxing, cooking, walking the dog and eating out with friends.

Karen will be starting in the Parish Office after the August Bank Holiday and will be working along side Elizabeth Thomas, who will continue as Assistant to the Parish clerk.

Parish Councillors and Staff Page

9th August 2017 Village Parking Situation:

The Parish Council reports that the 'Residents Parking Scheme' around Green Glade, Woburn Avenue and Hornbeam Road that has been put in place over the last couple of months seems to be making the parking situation in those roads easier, however it has caused a knock-on effect, which appears to be focused around Blackacre and Hill Roads.

It has also exacerbated the situation on the Abridge Road. Parish Council Chairman and District Councillor, John Philip intends to update village residents about any further progress on the Abridge Road scheme and particularly as to when the consultation is likely to occur.

9th August 2017 Horticultural Society September Outing:

Horticultral Society Outing Poster

Theydon Bois Verge Fruit Trees Produce A Free Summer Treat:

The purple leaved plum trees are very much loved by villagers and the show of blossom,  particularly down Dukes Avenue, is a beautiful sight in the Spring and one of the defining images of Theydon Bois.  We know that some of the older plum trees are destined to be felled at some time in the future so we must enjoy them while we can as it will take some time before the new trees make such a major contribution to the street scene. 

Theydon Plum Tree

A number of the mature trees regularly produce good crops of plums but I suspect that they are not quite so popular when the plums fall to the ground as they do make a mess on the pavement.  However, the plums are really good to eat, just as they are, or to cook with.  We know that one villager used to make jam with them and another resident still uses them in home made wine.  By the time that you are reading this edition of the Village News, most of the plums will have fallen from the trees, but, come next Summer, why not help yourself to those which can be safely reached and enjoy them as a 'locally grown, organic fruit'.  Remember, the more you pick, the less that are left to fall on the pavements!

Theydon Pear tree

Not so many people will know about a particular verge pear tree in the village.  One of the ornamental weeping pear trees in Hornbeam Close has been misbehaving for some years now as one or more branches have presumably reverted to the root stock variety and begun producing quite sizeable pears.  This year it has excelled itself and, although I expect it must be a nuisance for residents who have to walk down that road, it has produced a magnificent crop of pears and really is an unusual sight.  We would love to know what the pears are like when they have had a chance to ripen, so, dear residents of Hornbeam Close, please bear with us for a few more weeks so that we can sample another 'locally grown, organic fruit'.

Sue Warren (Tel: 01992 813045) and Jane Turner (Tel: 01992 812652)
Theydon Bois Tree Wardens

9th August 2017 Theydon Bois Drama Society's Next Production:

HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES by Tim Kelley – A dramatization of the famous novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes' most spine chilling mystery is placed in a modern setting in this version with suspense, humour and terror. Sir Henry Baskerville is heir to a vast fortune, a legacy that comes with a family curse death at the fangs of a horror that prowls the moor. Only Holmes can stop the beast. While mysterious lights signal Baskerville Hall and the hound terrifies the countryside, the sleuthing begins and suspicion falls on sinister servants, butterfly collectors, ladies in distress and escaped convicts. Who wrote the letter that summoned the hound? Is Sir Henry's romance with the lovely Kathy doomed? Is the supernatural at work?

26,27,28th October 2017
Theydon Bois Village Hall
Tickets at £9.50 available at or on
01992 919038

9th August 2017 Theydon Bois Lifetime Achievement Award 2017:

Theydon Bois Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation

Normally the Chairman of the Parish Council at the Annual meeting would present the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' (previously know as Villager of the Year award), but this year it had to wait until the end of July meeting before the recipients could attend.  Chairman John Philip was pleased to be able to give the award to a couple who have done a lot for the village, often in the background and unseen.

This year’s winners are Carol and Graham James.  Carol and Graham have had a long involvement with the Village Association, Carol being the Secretary for well over ten years, and Graham, as well as being on the committee, spends a lot of time doing maintenance and other practical jobs around the site. They were both involved over several years in the Open Gardens Day, which took a lot of work to prepare for. Carol and Graham are also very involved with the Theydon Bois Drama Society, and though you are unlikely to see them in the photos of the shows, they sell tickets, serve in the bar and construct the sets.

They are worthy winners of the award and we look forward to them switching on the lights at our 'Christmas Market' this year.

14th July 2017 Horticultural Society Show 2017:

Horticultural Show 2017 Poster


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