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Month in Theydon (April/May/June): Trevor Roberts latest report is on line Click Here.

Parish Council Minutes: The minutes for the meeting of the 29th March and 24th May are available. Click Here.

The Parish Council Chairman Report:Robert Glozier's Report to the Parish Council 2007 AGM in March is available. Click Here.

June 2007 Village News: The latest quarterly PDF version of Issue 58 of Village News is now available on line. Click Here.

The Parish Council Chairman Report:Robert Glozier's Report to the Parish Council 2007 AGM in March is available. Click Here.

Rural Preservation Society AGM & Talk:


More on Blunts Farm Safety: Although Blunts Farm Estates have not yet responded to the letters from EFDC on 4th & 8th June regarding the safety issues on the main part of the site John Scott (Joint Chief Executive for EFDC) says in a letter to TBAAG that he now regards the complaints as a matter of public record. He is pleased at the response from the Health and Safety Executive following the letter from the Leader of the Council and like us awaits the outcome. Blunts Farm Estates were required to inform the HSE of what action they intend to take at Parsonage Golf site to remedy the situation by 11th June.

John Scott further indicates in his letter that Building Control Officers have now met with Mr Dilloway (Blunts) in relation to the 'Old Foresters Site' and they agree that the Pavilion together with two associated buildings on the land are in need of urgent works. They have 14 days from the 13th June to carry out the works and building control officers will be monitoring progress.

Football Academy at Blunts Farm?: TBAAG discovered a post script on the bottom of a letter dated 7th May 2007 from the Parsonage Golf developer to Theydon Bois Parish Council that indicated discussions were taking place with EFDC about alternative use for the site.

'For your information we are currently meeting with the council with a proposal for an alternative sports use which would eliminate any further inert material being brought onto site.'

TBAAG investigated the situation with EFDC and found out that the developers have met with members of the planning department and they are in the preliminary stages of negotiation. The 'alternative sports use' proposal is the development of a football academy. Apparently West Ham United Football Club have approached the development team, Trustees of the H & M Smith 1991 Settlement & P Newman t/a Parsonage Golf, formerly called Blunts Farm Estates Limited.

No details of the proposals are available at the moment, however TBAAG have written to Mr Henry Smith of Aitch Group and he replied that he will revert to them when he has something to report

The Guardian last week covered the story on its front page;

HAMMERS EYE UP BLUNTS FARM SITE 'West Ham chairman Eggert Magnusson has made it clear that a new training ground is priority in the club's future plans and land co-owner Phil Newman told the Guardian "We are in talks with West Ham. They have visited the site and positive discussions are going on."'

In 2002 Tottenham Hotspur Football Club applied for a training academy in Epping Lane, EPF/1050/02, the proposal was for a 'Football academy comprising a training building, natural and artificial sport pitches, associated parking, landscaping and ancillary facilities'. The application was unanimously rejected by the EFDC District Development Control Committee. After surveying the plans for 24 football pitches, a large central building, car parking and perimeter fencing, the Committee agreed that the impact on the environment and landscape would be unacceptable.

After this application was rejected, in June 2003 the Old Foresters land behind Theydon Bois station was identified as a possible site for the Tottenham Football academy.  Apparently at the time about 40-60 acres of land were surplus to the requirements of the golf development and the developer Aitch Group and its subsidiary Parsonage Golf (Trustees of the H & M Smith 1991 Settlement & P Newman t/a Parsonage Golf) were keen to promote the idea of a football academy.

At the 31st July 2003 TBPC meeting it was minuted 'Should Tottenham Hotspur Football Club be interested in purchasing land behind the station on the Old Foresters site we have had an assurance from Lambourne Parish Council, and other Parish Councils who opposed the proposals at Abridge, that we can count on their support against any similar proposals for a Football Academy in Theydon Bois.'

Tottenham then thought they had found a better alternative site and applied to Enfield Council to build a training centre on 52 acres of historic protected land. After strong local resistance against the destruction of protected land their application TP/05/1741 was withdrawn in April 2006, this was immediately followed by a revised application TP/06/0735. This was rejected by Enfield Council as inappropriate development in the Green Belt on 28th September 2006 and is now the subject of an appeal that Enfield Council are confident of winning.

The Epping Lane application was rejected on Green Belt grounds then and nothing has changed, this is still Metropolitan Green Belt and like the Enfield Green Belt should be protected at all costs. Let's hope the local Parish and District Councillors still feel the same way.
EFDC may be keen for a compromise to 'solve this great problem', but this should not be at the expense of our Metropolitan Green Belt.

Donkey Derby:

Donkey Derby

This years Donkey Derby is to be held on Sunday 15th July from 12midday - 5pm. The event helps to raise money for the Theydon Bois scout group. This year we are also helping to raise money for the village guide group. In addition to the donkey races we have many other attractions including children's fairground rides, side stalls, bouncy castles, bouncy slides, laser paintball and quad bikes. For further information please contact me on 815629. We look forward to seeing you on the day.
Phil Koczan - chairman of the donkey derby committee.

Blunts Farm Safety Update: Following complaints about the safety hazards at the Parsonage Golf site from the Parish Council, TBAAG and members of the public the Health & Safety Executive have now demanded that Blunts Farm Estates Ltd inform them of what action they intend to take at Parsonage Golf site to remedy the situation by 11th June.The HSE have told Blunts Farm Estates that they are at present contravening the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. This says; "that it shall be the duty of every employer to conduct his undertaking in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that persons not in his employment who may be affected thereby are not exposed to risks to their health and safety". This means they should ensure that any person on site (in the case of young persons/children this is even if they are not authorised to be there) is not exposed to risks to their Health & Safety.

TBAAG Invite to view Blunts Farm Plans: come along to view the plans of the new Blunts Farm / Parsonage Golf application EPF/2195/06 on Tuesday 3rd July at 7.30 pm in the Private Room, Queen Victoria Public House.

With concern still high about possible renewed dumping and further development on Green Belt land this is an opportunity to see the plans of the latest application for yourselves.

The TBAAG Chairman's Report for the year is in the June issue of Village News.

Theydon Bois Country, folk and barn dance club: We're finishing on June 12th for the summer but start again on September 25th so if you've missed out this term on Tuesday evenings filled with laughter and exercise with friendly people, don't worry. Make a date in your diary and come along in the Autumn to find out what you've been missing.
For information contact T.Haslehurst 01992 812177

Theydon Bois Horticultural Society Knock knock Who's there?

Show Show who?

Not show who, show what..........what do you have to put in the Horticultural Society Village Show on 28th July?

Children with flowers

Did the collector come to your door with the new schedule and year book for
the horticultural society?  (Yellow cover this year!) Still only £1 to be a
member, the price is the same as in 1989.

Lots of information about the society, the talks, outings and of course the

We are having the pumpkin competition again this year which is open to all
members. We will pay £1 a kilo to the grower of the heaviest pumpkin grown
in the village. Conditions apply.

The outing to Wisley sold out quickly so please contact Keith Harris 812203
if you interested in going on the next trip which is to Mickleham Priory in
Sussex on July14th.

Mr Carter from Long House Plants at Noak Hill will be bringing plants to
sell at his talk  on  22nd June.

The village show is not just about flowers and vegetables, there are lots of
other sections for photography, wine, cookery and handicraft.......not to
mention the children's section! To find out more look in your yellow book.

If you are interested in joining the society please contact
 Jane Turner 812652 or Tricia Haslehurst 812177


Open Gardens Day 2007 :  As of 12th June the gardeners and committee members are working hard putting the final touches together, so make sure you don't miss this great village event.
                    Open Gardens Day this year  will be held on Sunday 24th June
                       For further information contact Carol or Graham James  Tel: 01992 81225
Open Gardens

Theydon Bois Rural Preservation Society the June 3rd walk was a "Ramble to a riot of rhododendrons deep in the forest". 17 people attended and although the rhododendrons didn't quite riot, as the warmer weather meant that they had been at their peek a week or two earlier, all those that attended enjoyed a very pleasant walk in afternoon sunshine.

Make a note now of the two remaining dates – they are all the first Sunday in the month.
1st July - A look at the newly planted Theydon Wood.
2nd September - Circumnavigate the village boundary.

The walks are not too strenuous, start from the village hall at 2 pm. on Sunday afternoons, last for two hours and cover about four miles. The September walk is a little longer.

On Friday 6th July at 8.00pm in the Village Hall the Society has a free talk by Jon Stokes of The Tree Council and TV fame. This will be followed by the society's AGM. Open to all,with free refreshments provided.

Loughton Branch British Legion: Veterans Day & Weekend with parades starting at 10am Saturday in Loughton (from Trapps Hill, Leisure Centre, Buckhurst Hill (Knighton Lane) & Chigwell (Village Car Park) The main events starting on Saturday at 11.45am take place at Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College, Roding Lane, Chigwell include Parachute Display Team, Falconry and Viking Swordsmen.

REFUSE COLLECTION: The parish Council is pleased to see that EFDC have responded to local pressure, including representations from us, and have introduced weekly collections of residual rubbish for the summer months. Common sense has prevailed.

However it is very important that recycling efforts are undiminished during this period and I would like to take this opportunity to remind residents of exactly what can be re-cycled because including unsuitable items within the sacks and boxes causes may nullify recycling efforts.

Blue Boxes
Glass bottles and rinsed jars

Garden Waste Sacks
Garden waste including grass cuttings, hedge trimmings leaves weeds and small branches

Clear sacks
Paper, cardboard packaging, plastic bottles without lids and tin cans.

More details can be found on EFDC’s official web site

Cemetery Fly Tipping: There have been several incidence of fly tipping at the cemetery over the last few weeks. Children’s toys, fencing and garden refuse have all been dumped. Residents visiting the cemetery are asked to be vigilant and take the registration numbers of any vehicles seen to be acting suspiciously. A new gardener has been employed and there will therefore be a more regular presence at the cemetery.

Cemetery Benches: The Parish Council would like to thank Mrs Chris Dow for paying for a hard stand to site a further bench to match the one she and her husband had provided earlier dedicated to all the young people in our cemetery. An opportunity now exists to sponsor a new bench to site on the stand.

THEYDON BOIS PARISH ALLOTMENTS: On the 23rd April the Allotment Holders held their annual Meeting at the Cricket Club  off Loughton Lane, and we are pleased to report that nearly 40 people were in attendance. The Parish site now has 37 Allotment holders with 42 plots worked which is 85% of it’s workable capacity and at the same time the sense of  “Community” grows ever stronger.

The  subject of “manure” was well debated and  it was decided that deliveries would continue to be centrally organised and that the stockpile should be increased for general use, however individual groups could club together to purchase their own. It was agreed that only hand held hoses could be used and not sprinklers and that a greater use of water butts and baths would help to reduce the overall cost of water provision.

In addition Barry Turner, Chairman of the Horticultural Society kindly  offered a £100 towards the provision of a centrally placed Notice Board on the Allotment site.

 Interest was also shown for the planting of more Fruit trees which would be purchased  later in the year from the East of England Apples and Orchards Project which encourages the conservation of the local orchard fruit varieties of seven counties in eastern England and promotes a greater awareness and understanding of their

Participation in the Village “Open Gardens Day” on 24th June was welcomed as well as a prize system similar to those used on other Allotment sites with various categories e.g. best overall, most improved, best newcomer. Thanks were also given to Robin Jones for his assistance in ploughing individual plots, and for the general help given by Paul Argent.

Anthony Purkiss

Apologies: - 10th May - The Editor apologises for the lack of recent updates to this site as he has been indisposed. More News updates coming soon.

TBAAG Warn of Blunts Farm Summer Dangers:

Foresters Site

TBAAG have been campaigning since March 2006 for Blunts Farm Estates Limited to make the Parsonage Golf site safe. We brought the dangerous situation to the notice of Theydon Parents, the local police, Mrs Bonds and Eleanor Laing, who subsequently contacted EFDC and the Health and Safety Executive.
We are sure you have seen the photographs in the local newspapers of the deep water filled pits.
In January it was brought to our attention by Theydon Parents, that video footage of kids doing BMX style tricks into the water had been posted on YouTube.
We contacted the Health and Safety Executive again but unfortunately their reply offered no comfort for local parents. They have said that 'The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSWA) applies when there is a work activity. As there is now no work activity, has not been for a significant period of time nor is likely to be in the immediate future, it is not possible to apply the provisions of HSWA and to enforce them. As HSWA can not be applied, there is no further action which can be taken by HSE with regards to this matter.'

The Ongar and North Weald Gazette carried a front page article last week which included images of the bikers doing tricks and swimming in the pits, 'Dicing with their lives, YouTube footage reveals teenagers risking all in danger pits.'

This dangerous situation needs to be revisited, it is more than a year since we highlighted the issue, the weather has been unusually warm and the summer holidays are around the corner.

Foresters Club tagsHowever as well as the water filled pits, it has come to our attention that the pavilion at the Old Foresters site has the potential to become a death trap. The brick walls that support the iron work are either eroding or are being damaged intentionally, kicked down. It seems that two yellow steel supports have already fallen to the floor. The steel roof structure could fall and that could be catastrophic. The photographs demonstrate that the pavilion is used by kids from Theydon Bois and Loughton, there are clear tags TB6 and IG10. The pavilion is a nice quiet spot in which to hang out, but as well as the associated problems of youths hanging about, there are the added problems of broken glass, bricks and such that could be used aggressively. There are no signs warning that the building is dangerous, it is totally open and accessible and a 3 minute walk from Theydon Tube Station.

The water filled pits are very deep, the steep clay sides would be slippery and the land has 'slipped' in places. There is metal and hardcore buried deep under the water, which could cause injury on impact. Vermin inhabit the water which is surely infected with their natural pollution!

Parents have to be made aware that both of these sites, owned by the same developer, Blunts Farm Estates Limited are a potential death trap. Very flimsy, damaged, chicken wire type fencing has been constructed along the footpaths, but would not deter anyone. One of the four pits is very close to the public footpath. Straying from the paths however is trespassing and should be discouraged.

The weather has warmed up, summer holidays are on the way. The developer is delaying the new planning application by not completing his Environmental Impact Assessment. While EFDC wait for the EIA it looks like we will be exposed to the risks of our children playing in these pits for a second summer. The planning officer has commented that he is of the opinion that the developer has no intention of spending money to alter the situation on site.

EFDC have said that they have received in excess of 235 letters of objection to the new application mainly from Theydon Bois residents, and 5 in favour. However even though the pits could be filled up with spoil already imported onto the site negating the need for at least 32,000 more HGV movements, EFDC have no power to force the developer to do so. If however the developer chose to take that action EFDC have said they would not stop them.

Our young people must be discouraged from visiting these sites. They are extremely dangerous. This developer has made it very clear that he does not have the best interests of our village or its inhabitants at heart.

Both of these sites have to be made safe for our young people, walkers and ramblers, as a matter of priority.

Despite trying to raise our concerns to a number of professional bodies, very little is being done to help the situation. Residents do need to be made aware of the dangers of these two sites.

St Mary's May Fayre:

May Fayre

This years St. Mary's May Fayre and Funday is on Bank Holiday Monday 28th May. To get a taste of what this great day out is about see our photo gallery of the last May Fayre.

Lifeboat Collection: The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), Epping Branch, also covers Theydon Bois and North Weald.   They recently held a House to House Collection in Theydon Bois only which raised £902.49, for which many thanks to all the residents who kindly contributed and the volunteers who collected.   All the branch members are volunteers and do not claim any expenses.   We will be holding Street Collections in September in our area, and would be very happy to hear from anyone willing to assist for just an hour or two.   For further information please ring Janet or Brian on 01992 814323.

THEYDON BOIS TENNIS CLUB RAISE OVER £600 FOR BREAST CANCER RESEARCH: Theydon Bois Tennis Club has raised over £640 for the St Margaret's Hospital Breast Cancer Research Unit. The Club Charity Day was attended by 70-plus people and the £640 raised topped the previous best by £100. Organiser and club captain Nigel Hanley said "it was a tremendously successful day with another record attendance for the club, whose members are very community minded." Consultant oncologist Julian Singer said: "this annual event which is in its 4th year was a great success and it is events like this that make a real difference for the local population" The breast cancer unit treats more than 2000 women locally each year. The men's winner was Simon Wallace, with joint runners up John Jones and Ben Johnson. The ladies joint winners were Gwynneth Mingay and Clare Smith.

Tennis Club

Pictured: BACK ROW:Consultant oncologist Julian Singer, breast cancer surgeon Ashraf Patel , club captain Nigel Hanley. MIDDLE ROW: John Jones and Ben Johnson mens joint runners up, Simon Wallace winner of the men's event. FRONT ROW: Gwynneth Mingay and Clare Smith joint winners of the ladies event.

St. Mary's Church Plant Sale:

Plant Sale

Marathon Success:

M Oliver completes Marathon

Parish Councillor Martin Oliver successfully completed this years London Marathon (see below). Martin said "Everyone thought that this year it was a grueling race in conditions we were not used to, but I managed to finish in 4hrs 39mins - a bit disappointing, but every one else I've spoken to has a similar story. I would like to thank every one who contributed to my Whizz-Kidz sponsorship, which has now topped £3000." If you wish you can still contribute to Martin's charity at:

Theydon Bois Drama Society: Latest Production 'Kindly Leave the Stage' - a comedy by John Chapman opens on Thurs 17th - Sat 19th May 2007, at Theydon Bois Village Hall, Coppice Row, Theydon Bois.
Performances start at 8.00 pm, tickets are £6.50.'Kindly Leave the Stage' is "A play within a play, which goes awry as the off stage antics of the cast begin to unfold once the curtain has gone up, resulting in chaos!"


Open Gardens Day 2007 :  
                    Open Gardens Day this year  will be held on Sunday 24th June
                       For further information contact Carol or Graham James  Tel: 01992 81225
Open Gardens


Theydon Bois Drama Society: had another great success with their production of 'Deadly Nightcap' - a thriller by Francis Durbridge with each performance from Thurs 15th - Sat 17th March 2, playing to a packed out Village Hall.

TB Drama Society

Their other shows in 2007 will be 'Kindly Leave the Stage' (a comedy) on 17-19 May and a show  in October show that is still to be finalised.  We will let you know in due course. Meanwhile they now have their own Web Site set up!   The address is:

Theydon Parents Group: The Theydon Parents Group is an information service and was created to allow parents, grandparents are carers to communicate with each other on issues affecting children, young people and parents in our village. They issue a monthly newsletter which members are encoured to contribute to. They will soon be contributing a Web Page to the Village Web Site, but at present have a Web Page here where links can be found to their latest Newsletter.

If anyone would like to join the mailing list please e-mail your details

New Theydon Bois Primary School Web Site Now Open: It has taken much longer than we had hoped for but thanks to the hard work of Adrian McCarthy with help from staff, pupils and the school PTA, together with the Village Web Site Team the site is now up and running. It resides on the Village Web Site Server and is in effect a sub-site of the Village one, but will act independently having Adrian as Editor. The server costs of the Village Web Site are met by the Parish Council and all work on the web site is done on a voluntary basis. Views expressed on both sites are not necessarily those of the Parish Council.

The new site can be accessed at anytime from the Home Page of the Village site at and then by clicking on primary school in the menu or you could add its home page to your favourites list for quick access.

The site will give visitors access to a wide range of information and will include lots of photographs of the school and of the children’s work.

Current news and all the important dates will be available as well as a history section and the opportunity to download information letters sent out by the school.

Tree Planting Ceremony:

Primary School Tree

Planting the tree to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the new school building in Orchard Drive.

On 21st February eight school children, accompanied by Sue Jones and Headteacher Mrs Bonds, assisted with the planting of two new trees on Theydon Bois Village Green.  The first, to the left of the Trafalgar Day tree, is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the new school building in Orchard Drive.  The other, to the right, is to celebrate the Queen’s 80th Birthday.  It is interesting to note that the other 3 copses on the main Green were planted after the end of the Second World War by children of the original school situated in Coppice Row.  Also in attendance were the Superintendent of the City of London, Mat Roberts, Parish Council Chairman, Robert Glozier. Cllrs John Padfield and John Eaton, Parish Clerk Madeleine Murphy and members of the Rural Preservation Society, Peter Newton, Trevor Roberts and Jim Watts.   George Haley and his team from EFDC provided the trees and supervised the planting.  The trees were paid for by Theydon Bois Parish Council.

Queens 80th Birthday Tree

Planting the tree to celebrate the Queen’s 80th Birthday. 

Primary School tree Planters

Theydon Bois Primary School Headmistress Elspeth Bonds with her Pupil Tree Planters.

Women's Institute Pancake Day:

Pancake Day

Theydon Bois WI ran their yearly Pancake Day special event in the Village Hall on Tuesday 20th February. Members and visitors enjoyed coffee and fresh pancakes and 27 pupils from the Primary School took part in a Pancake Tossing Competition as did members of both Theydon Bois and Buckhurst Hill WI.s. The idea was to see who could put on their costume and then toss the most pancakes in a fixed period of time. Our photo shows the 6 Primary School finalists in the front row with some of the other entrants from the school. 1st prize overall went to Jacob with 37 tosses, 2nd Emma with 27 and 3rd was David with 26.

After there was a spring bonnet competition and the Talking Hands Group entertained with a signed performance of the song Easter Parade.



Theydon Bois Rural Preservation Society 2007 Walks: For at least the last thirty years, albeit with a few gaps, the Society has organised walks from the village to explore the surrounding countryside and forest.
The Society was formed during the last war, in 1943, to try and preserve the rural aspect of the village, and the walks are one way of checking just how successful we have been.
If you have moved to Theydon Bois recently, we hope you will want to get to know its surroundings and learn to walk the public footpaths through the countryside with confidence and roam the forest freely and without fear.
Why nor join us on one or all of our walks this year, between April and September? Old hands will point out things of interest along the way.

The walks are not too strenuous, start from the village hall at 2 pm. on Sunday afternoons, last for two hours and cover about four miles. You will need stout footwear, as the ground can be wet and/or muddy in places, and suitable clothing for the time of year. The April and July walks have stiles to be negotiated.

Make a note now of the following dates – they are all the first Sunday in the month.

1st April - See where the first Ordnance Survey map was started in 1799.*
6th May - Find a fort in the forest.
3rd June - Ramble to a riot of rhododendrons deep in the forest
1st July - A look at the newly planted Theydon Wood.
2nd September - Circumnavigate the village boundary.

* Essex and Kent were the two counties thought likely to be invaded by the French and so the army made the maps to work out where to put the guns (ordnance) in order to repel the invaders! The surveyors needed three high points to set out their initial triangle and we will visit one of them. The maps were drawn and initially kept at the Tower of London.

Parish Councillor to run London Marathon:

Martin Oliver runs Marathon

Theydon Bois Parish Councillor Martin Oliver has obtained a place to run in this years London Marathon which takes place on 22nd April. Martin is running in aid of his charity Wizz - Kids. Whizz-Kidz changes disabled children's lives - literally overnight. By providing them with customized mobility equipment, training and advice. Martin is trying to raise £1,500 in sponsorship and so far has sponsorship of over £550. If you would like to support Martin and this very worthwhile cause then why not make a donation. Sponsorship can either be by cash or cheque (payable to Whizz-Kidz). directly to Martin at 36 Woodland Way (Tel. 01992 812042) or via his secure website where they can be anonymous or not.


In accordance with normal procedures your Parish Council has now performed its annual budget process and has set the precept for 2007-8.

The process begins in November when the Chairman, Financial Controller and Clerk meet to review expenditure for the first six months of the current year and project the likely total for the full year. I am pleased to report that we are expecting to be within budget albeit with a few plusses and minuses

For the year 2006-7 the total precept was £60,053 which includes £34.981 repayments for the village hall.

For the year 2007-8 we are proposing a precept of £61,576 an overall increase of 2.5 %. After deduction of the loan payment the total cost of your parish council is less than £10 per household.

Apart from the precept the parish earns income from the cemetery and the allotments. Sponsorship virtually pays for Village News.

The largest item of cost is salaries for the parish clerk, assistant and burial supervisor. The Parish Council is also responsible, inter alia, for cctv maintenance, grass cutting at the green, dog loos and makes significant donations to causes and activities relevant to our village.

Parish Council business is overseen by eleven councillors who work on a purely voluntary basis and spend much of their time trying to influence district and county councils regarding planning and highway matters.

Changes to the Bus Service: In his capacity as Parish Transport Representative Cllr Glozier has reported that Arriva had provided notification that the 500 service would cease to run through Abridge and Theydon Bois and would be re-routed via Ongar. Essex County Council has a duty to provide a bus service and will provide a new service into Theydon Bois, the 541, which will be an extension to the current number 10 service. The exact timetable for the new 541 service is yet to be finalised but the service will commence operating on 30th April. Cllr Glozier thanked Essex County Cllr John Spencer on behalf of the residents of the Village for his considerable efforts at County level to secure a route through Theydon Bois and commented that the end result was a good outcome for the Village insofar as, whilst the ‘no change’ services to Harlow and Romford had been lost, a ‘no change’ service to the library at Debden, to Buckhurst Hill, the Limes Medical Centre and St Margaret’s Hospital had been gained. There are outstanding issues to be resolved in relation to “through ticketing” and the evening and Sunday services, where subsidies are far in excess of agreed levels due to low levels of passenger usage. Cllr Glozier reiterated that the new 541 service is a “County Service” subsidised by Essex County Council and if it is insufficiently used then it's continuation will be reviewed at a future date.

A New unisex Hairdressing Salon called Tikadi will be opening in the Village: Theydon Hairdresseron Friday 23rd March. On Thursday 22nd March there will be a grand opening party when drinks and nibbles will be available from 2pm through to the early evening. All villagers are welcome.

Michael (pictured in front of the salon) who will run the salon will be there to welcome guests and introduce them to the team and view the facilities. All who attend will have the chance to enter a free prize draw and one lucky winner will receive £200 worth of Tikadi vouchers.

During April any customer presenting a copy of this article will receive a free finish with any service over £20. This offer applies Tuesday-Friday 9-5.30. until the 27th During this period there will also be an opportunity to enter the prize draw which will be drawn on Saturday 28th April. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

Michael and his wife Tracey are blessed with 7 year old triplets- Tiegan, Adem and Kian who influenced the name of the salon.

Some twenty years ago Michael based himself in Loughton after training and working in the West End where he instantly built a strong and loyal client base, with many customers from Theydon Bois. During this time Michael had experience in seminars, shows, photo shoots, competitions and a celebrity wedding. He trained and influenced many colleagues and a number of these will form the Tikadi team. Michael believes that constant training and involvement within the industry is vital to keep up with seasonal trends and to offer the very best service to the customer. With client comfort in mind a full range of refreshments will be offered and the salon will be fully air conditioned and heated. It is hoped that there will be two late night openings to 8.00pm.

The salon will offer a full range of hairdressing services, using top quality products and tools which will also be available for purchase. The latest technology in treatment and equipment will be employed.

To be one of the first customers in the new shop telephone Michael

on 01992- 815700 or 07969-483634


Davenant Foundation School Midsummer Festival of Music, Dance and Drama 07/07/07 from 5.00 until 10.00pm:

This may seem early, but 1100plus letters about the event will go to Davenant parents in January.  Large numbers of tickets will be sold long before the event, so if you want to ensure you get tickets book now for Saturday, 7th July 2007 when there will be an opportunity for you to enjoy performances by Davenant School Bands, Choirs, Orchestra, Dancers and Drama students – some five hours of entertainment – whilst you picnic in the impressive grounds of Copped Hall, near Epping. This is also a pre-tour music event before a party of 200 depart to the Italian Lakes for a series of concerts a week later.

Please bring your own food, drink, tables, chairs, candles and even candelabras – dress can be casual or black tie; it is entirely up to you! Table parties can be of any number. Tickets are £15 each or a family ticket for 4 is £50. Tickets will be available from January, from John Powell (Head of Performing Arts) at the school, Chester Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 2LD. Tel 020 8508 0404; Fax 020 8508 9301; e-mail A form can be downloaded from the School website at from January. Cheques should be made payable to DFS Arts fund please.

Please contact us with your Latest News. E-Mail: Web Manager or send copy to the Village Office. Preferably on floppy disk.



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