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Theydon Xmas 2006

Best Wishes to all our Visitors in Theydon & Worldwide

The Month in Theydon (October): Trevor Roberts latest report is on line Click Here.
Parish Council Minutes: The minutes for the meeting of the 28th September 2006 are now available. Click Here.

December 2006 Village News: The latest PDF version of Issue 56 of Village News is now available on line. Click Here.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2006:

Theydon Xmas 2006

Father Christmas arrived in Theydon Bois last Friday at the ceremony to turn on the Christmas tree lights. The current Villagers of the Year, Mr Tony Ames and Mr Trevor Roberts, turned on the lights and villagers joined members of the Parish Council to sing carols around the tree. Members of Theydon Bois Singers led the carol singing and the choir from Theydon Bois Primary School entertained the crowd by performing Christmas songs. After the ceremony, which was also attended by Rev Canon Colin Travers and David Penegar from the local churches, residents went into the Village Hall for mulled wine and mince pies while Father Christmas distributed sweets to the children. During the evening a collection was made in support of St Clare Hospice raising £452.18 for the charity.

We have a Flash Slide Show with more pictures here.

Give a Cat a home for Christmas: Chestnut Cat Sanctuary home over 650 unwanted cats every year. If you are interested in giving a cat lots of love and reassurance in a new home contact 01992 560 510
Opening Hours 9-1pm Weekdays 10.30-2pm weekends.
Cat of the Month! Handsome Ringo! (he has a ring of white fur on the tip of his tail) Gorgeous fellow desperate for a loving new home to remind him he is just as loved now as when he was a kitten. Loves to be tickled on his ears and under his chin. Looking for his turn for some tender loving care is that you? Come and see him or see some of our other cats looking for good homes on our Chestnut Cat Sanctuary Web Site.
Not for profit status - It costs us over £4,000 per month to run, including vet bills, food, litter, heating etc. We are non-profit making (regularly running at a loss), all donations food or otherwise go towards better facilities for the cats, new toys, new bedding etc. We are always desperately short of funds, and have a fully waiting list of 50 stray and abandoned cats to come in to the sanctuary. Extra funds help us home cats quicker and take in those that desperately need our help. We have a plaque of honour of the names of regular donators. Please consider supporting us all donations greatly appreciated. Many thanks. From the cats and The Chestnut Team! x X x

Chestnut Cat Sanctuary,
2 Esgors Cottages, High Road,
Thornwood Common,
Epping Essex. CM16 6LY
Open 7 days a week 363 days a year!

Tel: 01992 560510

Urgent Neighbourhood Watch Item: With Christmas fast approaching,most people would not give a second thought  to returning home from work to find a card posted through their letterbox from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service ) suggesting that they were unable to to deliver a parcel and requesting that you telephone  0906 6611911 to re-arrange delivery.

DO NOT call this premium rate number. It is a mail scam originating from Belize. If you call the number and you start to listen to the recorded message, you will incur a £15 charge for the phone call . If you do receive a card with these details, then please contact Royal Mail Fraud on 0207 239 6655 or ICSTIS ( the premium rate service regulator) at

Theydon Bus Route Threat: Arriva are treatening to withdraw the 500 Bus later in the New Year because they are saying that there are insufficient passengers.
Village Shelia Gymer has a Poem on the subject:

Save Our Bus Arriva Bus

We really must save our local bus
So let us make a mighty fuss
Sometimes to hospital we must go
Our 500 bus takes us to and fro

Now when we want to buy some shoes
For that we must be able to choose
Some like high heels and some like flat
Harlow or Romford’s the place for that

Fresh fruit and veg we all should eat
To keep us going on our feet
And so to Epping we wend our way
Especially when it’s market day.

So here is my especial plea
Don’t keep it going just for me
There’s thousands like me who have no car
Without one you don’t get very far

Shelia Gymer

More Neighbourhood Watch Information: Theydon Bois now has its own designated Community Support Officer, her name is  Lorraine Oxley and you will see her walking around the Village. If you need to contact her about any local matter  , her phone number is  07779-317211, if she is not available at the time that you call you can leave a message for her on that number, or contact Epping Police Station  on 01992-561212.

One of the benefits of belonging to Neighbourhood Watch is that you will become familiar with Crime Prevention ideas which will keep your  home and belongings safe.

To this end ,I have several Home Office leaflets to help with, amongst other things,: Home Security, Peace of mind while you are away, and How to Deal with Bogus Callers etc. If you would like copies , please ring me on the number below.

The Village now has 36 Road Co-Ordinators, and I would like to thank them all for their support and  help in the last few months.  More Co-Ordinators are always welcome --if you feel that you would like to volunteer do please ring me..

Now a word of warning for all computer users,.in the last 2 --3 weeks, I have received several E--Mails purporting to be from Barclays Bank, asking me to forward my personal details to them,although I do not bank with them. I took a copy of the E--Mails into Barclays in Epping , who are going to forward them to their Fraud Department.Please remember that Banks will never ever ask you to forward your personal details on line or by telephone, to them, so ignore all requests to do so, or do as I did  and take copies into  the relevant Bank.

Lastly ,my Husband and I would like to wish you all , a Happy, Healthy and safe Christmas.

Caroline Law: Tel: 01992 -- 813905

New Police Surgeries in Theydon Bois Village Hall: I would like to introduce myself as the new PCSO of Theydon Bois and Abridge. My name is Lorraine Oxley and I would like to hear from anyone who has any concerns or problems in the area

 I will be running a surgery at Theydon Bois Village Hall every 2nd Wednesday of each month, starting from 10th January 2007 between the hours of  10am to 12 Noon. If you have anything to discuss or you would just like to pop along for a chat it would nice to meet you.

Drama Society New Production: Theydon Bois Drama Society's next drama show will be 'Season's Greetings' - a  comedy by Alan Ayckbourne.  Dates are Thurs 11th - Sat 13th January 2007, at Theydon Bois Village Hall, Coppice Row, Theydon Bois.

"Relatives and friends meet up to celebrate Christmas.  Petty and not so petty squabbles break out with hilarious consequences, though some are disastrous!."

Performances start at 8.00 pm, tickets are £6.50.  Box office is as always - Mr and Mrs James - 01992 812250.

A New Wood for Theydon Bois: Information about this was first given on the Web Site and in March issue of Village News but not everybody seems to have read it!
Since then, following the general distribution in the village of leaflets from the Woodland Trust, we have had yet more enquiries!
For those who are still not sure just where the new wood is, it stretches from the Theydon Bois cemetery on the Abridge road southwestwards towards Debden and lies between the M11 motorway and the Central Line railway.
It covers about 60 hectares, or 100 acres, and the Woodland Trust is hoping to raise money from local people to help with the cost of trees. Planting will be done with the aid of volunteers and the Woodland Trust is planning to enlist the help of local schoolchildren.
The Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society is strongly in favour of this new wood and has given it financial support and urges anyone else who can to do the same.

VILLAGE IMPROVEMENTS :  We continue to work with Essex CC Highways Area West to deliver Highway    improvements to the Village. Some of these are now being actioned  following discussions earlier in the year. Perhaps we should have had  photos taken standing next to them but actually getting the jobs done seemed more important.

  • The re-furbishment of Theydon Road, Piercing Hill, The Green, Loughton Lane & Debden Lane.

Preliminary works have already started on the road surface and some stretches of pavements, along with new sections of kerbs and paving in Debden Lane.

Pavements and roads are due to be started in the coming month.

  • New grating in Coppice Row opposite Birch Hall.
  • Where the road had sunk close to the junction of Elizabeth Drive and Forest Drive this has now been repaired The piece of road which has also sunk outside The Queen Victoria in Coppice Row is due to be repaired along with the displaced kerbs at the junction of Woodland Way & Baldocks Road.
  • Negotiations with Highways are continuing about the positioning of an illuminating “Slow Down” sign at the junction of Piercing Hill & Morgan Crescent. This is not, as erroneously reported, at the Bell Common end of the road.
  • After negotiations, Highways have now been replacing whole stretches of kerbs with new ten inch concrete kerbs which are haunched in to prevent heavy vehicles constantly displacing them. As a result they have renewed two radius in Hornbeam Road as well as the previously mentioned junction on Purlieu Way with Baldocks Road . The junction with Purlieu Way and Harewood Hill has been agreed.
  •  New railings in Coppice Row, next to the Zebra crossing, have been agreed.
  • 141m of kerb has been completely renewed in Orchard Drive, along with new railings, outside the Primary School.

We are very pleased with the standard of the Contractor’s workmanship, (May Gurney), and the benefits of the newly negotiated contract are now coming through.

  • Our wooden bus shelter, opposite Tesco, has been repaired and re-furbished with the kind assistance of Matthew Cable.

A preliminary date of 21/01/07 has been made for the closure of Poplar Row where it has been agreed the length of road is to be completely re-planed, after exploratory works have taken place to ensure the sluice under the road is functioning.

  • We are also pleased that an oak tree and a Hornbeam tree in the Highways verge in Loughton Lane have been reduced, with the kind assistance of G. Hayley and C. Neilan of EFDC, but were rather concerned at Essex CC decision to fell a healthy Ash and Hawthorn further along the Lane which went against EFDC’s recommendation.
  • The City of London have cut back the hedge line between the “Flower Yard” and the Avenue of trees as well as cleaning out the ditch alongside “The Plain”.

We would like to thank Sean, ( our Village “sweeper”), Dave Butcher, and the rest of the Corey Waste Management team for their assistance in the up-keep of the village.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Metronet, who are presently re-furbishing Theydon Station. They have reinstated the flower beds on both platforms and donated money for daffodils and tulips to be planted. This planting has been carried out by Cllrs Hannibal & Purkiss.

The Highways and Environment Committee are pleased to work to achieve improvements to our Village but point out it is for everybody’s benefit, and not for any particular political grouping.

Cllr A Purkiss
Chairman, Environment Commttee.

Blunts Farm Planning Application: The planning application below appears in the EFDC list for 17th November 2006.

List of Applications week ending 17/11/2006
Representations must be submitted in writing by 11/12/2006
EPF/2195/06 DEL Planning Officer: Stephan Solon
Applicant: Blunts Farm Estates Ltd.
Proposal: Completion of 18 hole golf course, practice ground and academy with varied landscaping/contouring from permission granted on 23/04/02 (EPF/765/99) including water features and creation of planted buffer zone to eastern boundaries and access to Abridge Road. Erection of a golf club house, groundsmen’s equipment store and fertilizer/chemical store with associated car parking.
Location: Blunts Farm, Coopersale Lane

Please note this very important application above, which has implications for our entire village. At present Enforcement Notices still apply to this site preventing any more vehicle movements, but approval of this application in its present form would allow over 16,000 more heavy vehicle deliveries (over 32,000 return journeys) and the Golf Course and Club House layout in the proposals would almost certainly have more impact on the Green Belt than the previously approved applications. It is important that as many Theydon Residents as possible make their views on this application known to EFDC as we could see a resumption of 100’s of heavy vehicle movements each day. There is a meeting scheduled between planning officers of EFDC, Theydon Bois Parish Council, Lambourne Parish Council and Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society this week followed by the Parish Council Open Meeting at 8pm Thursday 30th November when we hope to learn more about the implications of this application. TBAAG have also been making enquiries about this latest application and members of the public can view the plans at the Civic Offices in Epping, although to fully understand the implications it is necessary to take into account all the previous applications. We will try to add more information here soon.

Although the indicated closing date for objections is normally 11th December EFDC has told us that they will consider representations after this date up till the application goes before committee. It is possible to view the application at the EFDC web site HERE and note your objections HERE .


Remembrance Service:

Rememberance Girl Flag Holder Rememberance Wreath Layers

Rememberance Choir

Pictures from Sunday 12th November when many Theydon Villagers of all ages turned out to take part in the Annual British Legion Service of Remembrance at the War Memorial and St. Mary's Church.

Once more the weather was kind to us as the Village gathered around the
War Memorial in an act of remembrance ,also to show our respect to all
who gave their lives in the conflict of wars, both past and present. At this special
service we also show our support for the British Legion whose great work to
assist members of the forces and their families is known throughout the world.

Wreaths were laid on the War Memorial, firstly by Peter Twinn for the British Legion,
followed by representatives from Epping Forest District Council, Theydon Bois Parish
Council, St Mary’s Parish Church and most of the organisations in the Village.
Our youth were well represented by Guides, Rangers and Brownies, also
Scouts and Cubs.

Following the laying of the wreaths Harry Memory read the names of the 29 men
from the Village who gave their lives during the first world war and the 25 in the second
war. In addition ,in accordance with our usual custom, he then read the names of the
30 men from ‘A’ Company, The Sixth Battalion.,The King’s Own Scottish Borderers who
were killed in Theydon Bois by a German Parachute-Mine on 18th November 1940

The Last Post was then sounded by bugler Louise Brough, the Standard of the British
Legion and the Union Flag the lowered for two minutes silence, traffic was stopped
and we all stood in respect to those who had fallen.

Following the bugler playing Reveille The Legion’s Standard bearer. Alan Hollinberry and
the Union Flag bearer, Guide Eleanor Bedwell, led the parade into the church where the
service continued, conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. Canon Colin Travers. As in previous
years the church was full ,confirming the great support from our village for this annual act
of remembrance.
The Sermon was given by The Rev. David Penegar, Minister of the Baptist Church,
followed by the choir singing ‘And I saw a new heaven’. we then had the Act of
Re-dedication and The Blessing.

This Remembrance Service ended with the return of The colours followed by the singing of
The National Anthem .The Colours, Choir and Clergy leading the process out followed by
the congregation who came out of the church into bright sunshine on this very special day.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them

Poppy Day Appeal organiser, Alan Hollingbury reports the amount collected in the Village
this year was £3,652.05. Thank you to all who contributed especially the collectors.
Peace to all. Wilfred S Shales.

TBAAG Request for Help with Blunts Farm Appeal:
Villagers of Theydon Bois and Abridge
Some months ago many of you expressed concern about the dumping at Blunts Farm by signing up to the e petition
organised by Theydon Bois & Abridge Action Group (TBAAG).
TBAAG have now submitted a detailed written response to the Planning Inspectorate, however we propose to make further verbal representations concerning the situation, at the Public Enquiry, currently scheduled for 9th January 2007. Copies of the e-mails to the e-petition address (which represented over 700 people) have been sent along with our 85 page response to the Planning Inspectorate.  A copy of the response, minus photographs, can be found here or see below.

In order to add further weight to the evidence that TBAAG has submitted, and to ensure that the interest of residents and other concerned individuals are best represented at the enquiry we would be grateful if (as contributors to the original e-petition) you would confirm your continued support. In order to ensure that your concerns are recorded we would be grateful if any respondents who do NOT agree with the basic premise that residents require the golf course to be completed without any further unnecessary importation of spoil, to confirm by e-mail to the address below that they DO NOT wish to support our 'motion' by 31st December 2006.  The email address to respond to is

We would also be keen to hear from residents their own estimation of the number of HGV trips they think travelled to the Blunts Farm site over a specific time period.  EFDC estimate that the total spoil imported would equate to approximately 60 trips per day, one HGV every 10 minutes, over 2 1/2 years.  However personal estimates from individual residents and road users would go a long way towards demonstrating the actual level of truck movements that residents experienced. We need the planning inspector to understand the effect these truck movements had on the daily lives of residents.

We thank you all for your cooperation.  Your continued support would be very much appreciated.

The Theydon Bois and Abridge Action Group.

More on Blunts Farm Appeal: Our Parish Council together with the Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society and Lambourne Parish Council are also still hard at work responding to the new appeal notices that have been issued regarding the changed wording of the enforcement notice at Blunts Farm and are also preparing for the Public Enquiry mentioned above. The Parish Councils response to the original appeal notices is also available below and the Preservation Society's response (minus photographs) is available as a Word document here with the Appendix here.

Rail & Road in Theydon: When Theydon Bois Rural Preservation Society held their October talk on the "History of the Central Line" by Mike Ashworth the Oak Room (Main Hall) in the Village Hall was packed out and it was standing room only. So those who attended (and others) will probably be interested in the excellent article on 'Rail & Road in Theydon' by Ian Strugnell that appears in the Loughton and District Historical Society's latest Newsletter No. 170 September - October. The newsletter is available as a free pdf download from the Newsletters Page of the Society's Web Site.

Threat to Avenue of Trees: The City of London Corporation has recently had an independent survey carried out on the avenue of oak trees. The survey has recommended the felling of ten of these because of decay or potential instability. There are at present 59 growing oaks in the Avenue and the removal of ten trees would have a significant effect on the most important visual aspect of our village, the one that contributes to our unique character.

The Parish Council are most concerned about the potential number of oaks to be felled and have asked that a "Picus" decay and deterioration survey is carried out before any action is taken. This method gives a much more accurate assessment of the state of the tree. Chris Neiland of EFDC has also said that he would not like trees to be felled without this survey.

The Parish Council is further asking that after the survey a proper consultation should take place between The Corporation, The Verderers, the Tree Strategy Group and the general public as to the best way to proceed.

The Parish Council is also considering the idea of planting of a new second Avenue of Oaks alongside but further  in from existing rows to maintain the appearance for future generations.

New Parking Restrictions in Theydon: The Parish Council is working with Essex County Council Highways Department to try to implement changes to parking restrictions in the village. The Parish Council is hopeful that by altering and adding restrictions to certain individual roads that the present level of commuter parking that has become excessive and a nuisance and danger to villagers can be reduced. Details of the proposed measures will be published in public notices, but these will not be sent to individual homes as has previously been the case.

The roads proposed for One Hour waiting restrictions are Barn Mead, Dukes Avenue (part), Forest Drive, Orchard Drive, Morgan Crescent, Woodland way, Thrifts Mead, The Green and part of Avenue Road. Roads adjacent to these will have an alternate One Hour restriction.

Other measures being considered include double yellow lines at the junctions of Loughton Lane and the Green (much needed on what has now become a dangerous junction because of parking on the bend Ed.), Forest Drive and Dukes Avenue, and the Green, Poplar Row and Theydon Park Road.

Councillors are hoping for a three hour, no-return waiting time in the lay-by near Phillip's butchers in Coppice Row and have requested three-hour no return parking in the bays along the avenue of trees. They also want a One Hour restriction in Station Approach next to the bottle banks.

Councillors are hoping the review of these parking measures can be completed within three months.

Neighbourhood Policing Team

If you have trouble in getting through on the phone number for Epping Police on 01992 561212,

we now have a dedicated team covering Theydon Bois, Abridge and outlying areas and they can be reached on the following mobile number:

07779 317211

Royal British Legion Remembrance Day:Remembrance Day

Our annual Service of Remembrance will take place on Sunday 12th November, 2006 at the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Coppice Row starting at the War Memorial at 10.45 a.m. and continuing in the Church for the main part of the service. In the event of inclement weather the entire service will take place in the Church.
Medals may be worn and standards carried.

The Royal British Legion is a charity whose work is to help disabled service and ex- service personnel and their families. Please do give generously when you see the poppy sellers around or if they call on you at your home.

Armistice Day this year is Saturday 11th November at 11.00 a.m. Please pause for 2 minutes Just to Remember.

Remembrance Sunday

Wanted Poppy sellers for Theydon Bois.
Can you please spare an hour or so to help either calling on houses or down by the shops. Please contact Alan Hollingbery at 31 Forest Drive. Tel: 01992 813260.

May I once again take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to all who have been involved with the poppy appeal over many years, the organisers and poppy sellers. You have done a grand job for the Royal British Legion.

Harry Memory

Theydon Bois Drama Society:

The Drama Society's next production will be ' Tiptoe Through the Tombstones' - a  comedy thriller by Norman Robbins.  Dates are Thurs 26th - Sat 28th October  2006, at Theydon Bois Village Hall.

Sequel to 'A Tomb with a View' - a very funny thriller.  The last remaining Tomb family members are gathered together at the old ancestral home to be informed of their inheritance, but this is no ordinary family! - things - and people - are not what they seem.

Performances start at 8.00 pm, tickets are £6.50.  Box office is as always - Mr and Mrs James - 01992 812250.


Archangels, Vicki & LouisArchangels opens in Loughton Lane:  Archangels, Theydon's New Holistic Therapy Centre in Loughton Lane next to the Flower Yard is a Family Affair.

Opened in August it is the brainchild of Aunt and Niece, Vicki Aiano and Louise Lazarus, Archangels offers a wide range of holistic therapies, including Reiki, Massage, Meditation and Reflexology, as well as stocking a wide range of books, candles, meditation tapes, crystals and gem stones for sale.

Vicki and Louise, both highly qualified in their respective fields, will also be offering courses and workshops in many of the treatments available at the centre, to both individuals and groups.Vicki and Louise hope that the centre’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere will offer a place of calm away from the stresses of everyday life and they welcome people to come in and find out more about how holistic therapies can be of benefit to people of all ages.

We have added their shop to our shops page or for further information contact Vicki or Louise on 01992 813 770

Thanks for the Support to RNIB: I would very much appreciate it if you could print a notice of thanks for the very successful charity night held at Indian Ocean restaurant Coppice Row on Tuesday 5th September 2006.

RNIB cheque presentation
Picture: Adrian McCarthy

The event in support of Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) raised a staggering £2738.10. On behalf of RNIB I would like to thank the management and staff of the restaurant for its generosity which together with the support of several local shops who donated raffle prizes made the evening an over-whelming success.

Many thanks
Keith Harris
Volunteer for RNIB

Blunts Farm: The other major planning appeal effecting our village is also progressing. Blunts Farm Estates are appealing the Enforcement Notice served on them by EFDC to prevent the further tipping of waste materials onto the site in connection with the Golf Course development. Although a final date has not yet been set for the Public Enquiry (it is likely to be early in the New Year) the Parish Council, Theydon Bois & Abridge Action Group (TBAAG), Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society and many individuals have now submitted evidence to the Planning Inspectorate.

We will have more on this important appeal soon, but the Parish Council's & TBAAG submissions (minus the many photographs) are available to download below:

Theydon Bois Parish Council Submission (Word Document - 50K).

TBAAG Submission (PDF 350K

East of England Plan:
Whatever happened to the East of England Plan? – You know, the one that proposed thousands of new houses, including 11,500 in the Epping Forest District.

The good news for us is that the Panel Report to the Government, following the Examination in Public, recommends a reduction of 7,500 in the above figure (including the 6,000 proposed for North Weald) and that the remainder should be part of the urban extensions of Harlow. In reviewing the Green Belt to accommodate these urban extensions, it says that the new boundaries should “specifically maintain the integrity of the principles of the Gibberd Plan and landscape setting of Harlow and the physical and visual separation of the town from smaller settlements to the west”. Let’s hope Government minister Ruth Kelly agrees.

However, the Society is affiliated to the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) that says the Government is about to make a big decision on how the East of England will develop. 505,500 new homes and accompanying roads and industrial development are planned for the East of England. The effects on the countryside and the quality of life could be devastating. CPRE is encouraging as many people as possible to fill out one of its campaigning postcards so that the Government knows what people think about the proposed plans. To request your postcards, contact CPRE’s Campaigns Team on 020 7981 2869, or email

Theydon Bois Music Society: The Annual General Meeting of the Theydon Bois Music Society took place recently in the Village Hall. The Chairman, Mrs Barbara O'Connor reported on a successful and enjoyable year.  Barbara thanked everyone involved in organising the monthly concerts.  The Treasurer, Mr Pat Davies, presented the accounts which were accepted by the Members present.  Mr Harry Memory had resigned from his post as membership secretary and was thanked by Barbara for the work that he had done on behalf of the Society. The Committee for the coming season will be Chairman: Mrs Barbara O' Connor, Secretary: Mrs Doreen Snell, Treasurer: Mr Pat Davies. Committee Members : Mrs Marjorie Roberts (membership), Mrs Pam Dibble and Mrs Audrey Sullivan (refreshments), Miss Sally Pecover (publicity) and Mr Frank Hill. The committee felt able to keep the subscriptions at £35.00 for the forthcoming 2006/7 season. The next meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Thursday September 14th at 8.00pm when we will welcome David Silkoff (piano) and Miriam Kramer (violin)

Please contact us with your Latest News. E-Mail: Web Manager or send copy to the Village Office. Preferably on floppy disk.



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