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The Month in Theydon (June): Trevor Roberts latest report is on line Click Here.

Parish Council Minutes: The minutes for the meeting of the 25th May 2006 are now available. Click Here.

June 2006 Village News: The latest PDF version of Issue 54 of Village News is now available on line. Click Here.

We apologise for the lack of recent updates to the Village web Site. The Diary Page has been up dated and we have two new items below.

As they say "Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible"

Wansfell College Appeal: The Public Enquiry into the appeal against the refusal of Planning Permission by EFDC for 20 flats in the former college, the demolition of the former coach house to be replaced with a car park and the building of a new house further into the Green Belt gardens and closer to the environmentally sensitive forest begins on 10am Wednesday 27th September. The enquiry will take place in the Council Chamber of the Civic Offices in Epping and is scheduled for 3 days. The Parish Council, Rural Preservation Society and many village residents while not totally opposing redevelopment of the site are opposed to the plans in their present form as they believe they are harmful to our Village and to Epping Forest and the Green Belt. Please try to come along and give your support for their case

.Blunts Farm: The other major planning appeal effecting our village is also progressing. Blunts Farm Estates are appealing the Enforcement Notice served on them by EFDC to prevent the further tipping of waste materials onto the site in connection with the Golf Course development. Although a final date has not yet been set for the Public Enquiry (it is likely to be early in the New Year) the Parish Council, Theydon Bois & Abridge Action Group (TBAAG), Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society and many individuals have now submitted evidence to the Planning Inspectorate.

We will have more on this important appeal soon, but the Parish Council's & TBAAG submissions (minus the many photographs) are available to download below:

Theydon Bois Parish Council Submission (Word Document - 50K).

TBAAG Submission (PDF 350K).

St. Mary's Flower Festival:

Flower Festival

Death of Former Headmistress: Many people in the Village will remember Miss Eileen Burke who was headmistress of Theydon Bois County Primary School for nearly twenty years. Sadly, she died on 3rd June 2006 aged 92 years, at her home in Saffron Walden.

Whilst at Theydon Bois she was responsible for the construction of the swimming pool and it was her aim that all children should be able to swim by the time they left the school.

The children, though firmly disciplined, enjoyed her enthusiasm for music, art and nature and Miss Burke and her staff did much to enhance the reputation of the school.

After her retirement in 1974 she developed her talent for watercolour painting, exhibiting many times in Saffron Walden. She was still teaching an art group until the time of her death!

Open Gardens 2006 Report: "You know, we've got a lot to thank Michael for" Bob said. "Michael?". "Yes, Michael Marchant who first started the open Gardens day back in 1980". And how true that is. For 26 years people have been coming to visit our lovely gardens and village thanks to the generosity of the villagers of Theydon who are prepared to work hard to make their gardens such an attraction.

open gardens - flower

Over the years thousands and thousands of visitors have come to enjoy the day and in 1993, according to records, there were a staggering 4,500! The lawns must have been well trampled that year.
We can only boast about 1,000 visitors this year and we were absolutely delighted that they decided to come and join in on the day. We usually only have the Wimbledon Finals to compete with but this year it was the Football World Cup as well.
We were very lucky with the weather, it was a lovely warm day. All our faithful helpers worked hard to help our visitors have a pleasant day, and indeed they enjoyed the day themselves. Its very rewarding when visitors come from far afield - Sussex, Kent, Surrey - year after year and tell us they really enjoy the day as everybody is so friendly and helpful.
A profit of £4,500 was made, £2,000 will go to the Playground at Theydon and the remainder to the Village Hall Association towards the upkeep of the hall. In addition over £1,200 was raised by gardeners selling plants, cards, craft gifts and other items for other charities such as Cancer Research, Leukemia in Children, Arthritis care and others.
So all in all we do have a lot to thank Michael for, but we also have to say a huge Thank You to all the people who took part in the day so cheerfully and made it such a success and also to those who have worked so hard and enthusiastically over the years to keep the tradition going.

Theydon Bois Music Society AGM: The Annual General Meeting of the Theydon Bois Music Society took place recently in the Village Hall. The Chairman, Mrs Barbara O'Connor reported on a successful and enjoyable year.  Barbara thanked everyone involved in organising the monthly concerts.  The Treasurer, Mr Pat Davies, presented the accounts which were accepted by the Members present.  Mr Harry Memory had resigned from his post as membership secretary and was thanked by Barbara for the work that he had done on behalf of the Society. The Committee for the coming season will be Chairman: Mrs Barbara O' Connor, Secretary: Mrs Doreen Snell, Treasurer: Mr Pat Davies. Committee Members : Mrs Marjorie Roberts (membership), Mrs Pam Dibble and Mrs Audrey Sullivan (refreshments), Miss Sally Pecover (publicity) and Mr Frank Hill. The committee felt able to keep the subscriptions at £35.00 for the forthcoming 2006/7 season. The next meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Thursday September 14th at 8.00pm when we will welcome David Silkoff (piano) and Miriam Kramer (violin).
Neighbourhood Watch Meeting: On Tuesday 25th of July at 7.30pm there will be a meeting of the present Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinators and anyone who would like to start a a watch in their street or is able to give a little of their time to help. The good news is that Caroline Law, who until a year ago, was the village (see next item below) co-ordinator has now agreed to take up this role again.
Co-ordinating over 40 watches is a time consuming business and it is no wonder that she stepped down from the role after many years service. However Caroline has now recharged her batteries and is ready to resume her role. Tony Ellis the Crime Reduction Officer and a Community Support Officer will also be their on Tuesday night to answer your questions about the future of Neighbourhood Watch in our village.
The meeting will only be for about an hour so please make an effort to attend if you think you can contribute. In order that Caroline can get some idea of numbers, can you either give her a call on 01992 813905 or e-mail her on

Neighbourhood Watch: Neighbourhood Watch is very strong in the Theydon Bois area with co-ordinators supervising individual watches in most roads. However, in many villages, as co-ordinators move on or retire, their watches die because they cannot find replacement co-ordinators. Up until fairly recently this has not been a problem in Theydon Bois owing to the fact that Caroline Law held the whole system together and found replacement co-ordinators as required. Unfortunately, Caroline herself has had to move on and there is currently nobody holding your 40 strong watch system together. As such, Theydon will soon go the way of many other villages and gaps in Neighbourhood Watch are bound to appear. If you are interested in overseeing the Neighbourhood Watch system in Theydon Bois please give me a call on 01279 625525. I will explain what the job entails and you can then decide if you have the time and energy to take the role on.  

 Tony Ellis
Crime Reduction Officer
Epping Police Section
01279 625525

Blunts Farm Update: Both Theydon Bois Rural Preservation Society & Theydon Bois & Abridge Action Group have now made detailed submissions coupled with evidence with regard to the appeal by Blunts Farm Estates to have the Enforcement Notice served by EFDC that prevents further dumping on the site removed. There was some last minute confusion about a possible extension of the the date for submissions and legal changes to the wording of the Enforcement Notice, but after taking advice from the Planning Inspectorate, both groups decided to make sure that they got their responses in by the original deadline of the 12th July. Should the deadline be extended we will post the information on the site as we know a number of villagers made or wanted to make their own individual submissions on this appeal.
TBAAG  submitted a petition with in excess of 700 'signatures' from villagers which was included in their response to the appeal . This petition is being kept open though as it should be possible to resubmit it with increased numbers when the appeal reaches the Public Inquiry stage at Epping which will probably be sometime in early January 2007. Please if you have not done so already email and add your name. Ever signature will help.

The signatures so far include members of Theydon Bois Parish Council, the vicars of both Theydon Bois and Lambourne Churches, members of The Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society, Theydon Parents and hundreds of local people in Theydon Bois, Abridge, Epping and Chigwell that have serious concerns about this development. Please make your opinions count and help prevent the recommencement of dumping.

Further Blunts Farm Dangers: The hot weather has highlighted further dangers of the Blunts Farm Site, we have heard that children have been swimming in the deep water filled pits on the site and we have now confirmed that children have been over heard talking about 'swimming in the clay pits'. Some mums have been alerted and will keep their eyes open and highlight the problem to other mums they meet. So far it seems to be boys in year 7, they may have brothers and sisters in the primary school. Please make sure your children are not involved, these pits are very deep and dangerous with possibly contaminated water and not suitable even for strong swimmers.
The Health and Safety Executive insist that the fences have not been breached, which is incorrect and the fences are so flimsy that anyone could push the chicken wire aside and gain entry. The HSE have also said that 'there has to be a degree of parental responsibility’ as their are danger notices.
Please call the police on 01245491491 if you see children on the Blunts Farm / Parsonage Golf site, this is for their own safety.

“Common or Garden” The Village Green was the site for the finale of an unusual event, “Common or Garden” – an exploration of sheds and village greens. Devised by Sofie Layton, Common or Garden was the interactive “installation” of five basic 8x6 foot garden sheds on the greens of five villages in the Epping District. Each shed explored a diverse and electric mix of ideas as created by schools and community groups of the particular village. Roydon’s shed was “Roseland in Roydon”, Epping Green had a “Baby Universe”, Matching Green produced a basic shed simply titled “Unintitled,” and a shed without a village, entitled “Secret Spaces”, embodied a number of boxes containing the personal concepts of individuals. Those most outstanding where Chipping Ongar’s “Pieces” which was enveloped with giant interlocking pieces of jigsaw puzzle, and the Theydon Bois shed  “Bitter Sweet “, a fairy tale Hansel and Gretel structure on stilts. This project was the first commission of the Epping Forest Arts “Border Dialogues Programme with the support of the Arts Council of England.


Theydon Bois Rural Preservation Society's: AGM on Friday 7th July was still a success even though Jon Stokes the speaker was unable to make it due to transport difficulties. The Society is hoping to re-book his scheduled talk for next year.
Peter Newton was re-elected as the Society's Chairman and 15 other officers and committee members were also re-elected. Pauline Martin, John Plume and Jane Turner all stood down after many years of service to the Society and Jack White was newly elected to the committee, although he had been acting as a liaison between the society's committee and that of TBAAG's.
Members present enjoyed the refreshments provided and talked about current issues. They also agreed to the Society making a donation of £1,000 towards the Woodland Trust project to plant trees on the 98-acre site at the rear of Theydon Bois Cemetery near the M11. (see below)
Mr. Tudor Ap Madoc from Mitchigan, USA who contacted the web site asking help in researching his family history was also unable to make it to the meeting , but came to the village a few days later (see below).

Family Researcher visits Theydon Bois:

Tudor Ap Madoc visit

Mr. Tudor Ap Madoc from Mitchigan, USA who contacted the web site asking help in researching his family history was hoping to attend the Rural Preservation Society's AGM and show film taken by his Grandfather in the 1930's in and around the village .Unfortunately he was unable to make it on the night of the AGM, but visited the village the following week and was shown around by the Society's Chairman, Peter Newton and Jim Watts from the society and the Web Site.
His Grandfather used to live at Parsonage Farm and he is looking for help in trying to identify some of the locations where the films were made. Parsonage Farm was one of the locations in his DVD made from the early colour and B&W film and we were able to identify a few short sections as not being in or around Theydon, but were unable to identify some of the other locations, especially a house that was not Parsonage Farm, but could have been another house in the village.
Tudor (on the left in photo) presented a copy of his DVD to Peter Newton (on the right) for the society and they hope to show it to people around the village who maybe able to further help people with the locations.
Tudor said that he found his visit very interesting and admired our village. If you can help him with information about Parsonage Farm and its occupants in the 1930's Tudor he would be glad to hear from you.
E-Mail Tudor or contact the web site.

Please contact us with your Latest News. E-Mail: Web Manager or send copy to the Village Office. Preferably on floppy disk.



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