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St Mary's Church Extension: St Mary's are entering the final phase of work on the new Church Extension - such a relief after all the years of planning. It was particularly good to see the entire roof-area covered over (10th September), thus revealing the precise shape of this imposing structure!
Sadly we have incurred extra costs of about £10,000 due directly to problems in linking the new roof to the unusually constructed main Church roof. This means that we are potentially overspent and, unless new income is forthcoming, it could limit the extent of the internal 'fitting-out' of the Extension. Notwithstanding, Dedication of the new building by the Bishop of Barking has been arranged for 3.00 pm on Saturday 22nd November, at which Service all will be welcome.

Broadband in Theydon Bois: Obviously the Village Web Site takes an interest in all things Internet related and if you are a keen 'Web Surfer' or have been reading the press lately you will know about Broadband which gives a much faster and continuously on connection to the Internet, which much enhances the whole web experience. This is in most cases not a great increase in cost over your normal phone bill if you are a regular user. It also has the benefit that your phone is not engaged while you are on the Internet meaning you can make and receive calls at the same time. The problem is that B.T. Broadband is at present unavailable in our village and B.T. are not showing much interest in up grading our village exchange so that people can get it. That is unless we show there is sufficient interest, as the e-mail below to us from Gavin Cassidy shows:

"You maybe aware that it is not possible to get
broadband in Theydon Bois (unless you have cable TV)
as the exchange has not been upgraded.

Before BT will upgrade an exchange a certain number of
people in that area must register an interest (either
by phone or over the Internet). For Theydon Bois the
number who must register is 250, currently 168 people
in Theydon have registered.

In order to accelerate this process may I suggest
making people aware of this situation on the village
website and possibly including a link to the BT
webpage where people can register their interest.
Hopefully this way we can get 82 more people to
register so everyone in the village can enjoy the
benefits of broadband much sooner than we are
currently going to (which at the current rate is 1.5
to 2 years).

I recently heard that gets 2000
hits per month. I think if these people were aware of
the benefits of broadband and what they needed to do
to get it in Theydon Bois we would have it a lot

Your Editor who became frustrated trying to up date this site on a regular basis over a normal telephone modem connection registered a couple of years ago, but at that time it seemed B.T. Broadband was likely to be 5 years away in Theydon Bois. This year NTL have started to offer Broadband in our village without you having to take out an expensive T.V. package as well. You don't even have to have their phone line if don't want to (although this works out at as a much cheaper package in most cases). So the Editor has switched to them as have some other village Internet users. So this is another option. But we believe that these things should be about choice and competition so we need to encourage B.T. to get their act together.

If you want to register an interest with B.T. Click Here.

To check out NTL Click Here or Free Phone 0800 052 0071

Pub Raid:Thieves broke into the Queen Victoria pub on Friday 22nd August and raided the fruit machines. The Landlady was woken in the early hours when a front window was forced at about 4.30am. At this stage it is unclear how much money was taken and the police are investigating.
Parish Council Report: The report on the Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 31st July is now available. Click Here. The next public meeting is Thursday 25th September at 8.00pm.
Diamond, Concrete and Swans: Tradition, and some of its publicity, asserts that the Rural Preservation Society was founded in 1943 and therefore should be celebrating its diamond jubilee this year. However it appears from the Society's first minute book that the inaugural meeting was in fact held in 1944, on 26 February, (in the British Restaurant) so the Society will be celebrating its golden jubilee next year. The first committee meeting was held on 9 March 1944 (Secretary B.J. Goodchild) when affiliation to the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) was agreed.
The Society is still affiliated to CPRE, now called the Campaign to Protect Rural England. CPRE has this year initiated a major new campaign Communities not Concrete in response to the Government's Sustainable Communities Plan. As one of the areas included for development is the M11 corridor this could seriously affect Theydon Bois, and the Society will be monitoring the impact of the proposals.
The Society's Autumn event is on Friday 10 October at 8.00pm in the Village Hall when David Reed, Bargemaster to the Worshipful Company of Dyers, will give an illustrated talk on The History of Swan Upping. Admission is free and all are welcome.
Sunshine Crime Spree:Summer's here, the kids are at home & what do you do with them? It's hot, there's no breeze, and so every window in the house is open in an attempt to stay cool.
That probably puts most people into a relaxed frame of mind, thoughts of barbeques, cool drinks & lazing in the back garden.
It's worth knowing now that there are some people out there that see this time of year as the ideal time to commit crime.
Open windows mean open opportunities, easy access to your property. Think about it, we lock up at night; we set alarms, we lock cars. In the summer, at times, it seems just too hot to bother.
Well be bothered please, Theydon Bois has experienced 6 house burglaries since the 18th July.
In the majority the houses have been entered by small open downstairs windows, in addition the houses have been on the West side of Theydon Bois.
I believe that the person responsible may be walking, or cycling, the area looking for opportunities.
The descriptions given to police of two people disturbed at one of the burgled properties suggests that they were both white males, aged 20 - 30 yrs. One of them was about 5ft 8" tall with a local/London accent, was of medium build and had close cropped hair.
If you see anybody around your area that you are not happy about call the police on 01992 561212. Put us into a position to be able to check these people over. Remember police are on duty 24 hours a day & 7 says a week.
Remember never leave downstairs rooms vulnerable, when at home or when you go out.
P.C. 1297 Alan Shelley (01279 625512)

Neighbourhood Watch Report: Recently, I have received several calls from villagers worried about being contacted by telephone from firms saying that Representatives will be in the area the next day, and offering to pay a visit to examine or advise on fire and/or crime prevention precautions.
Whilst I have no knowledge of any crime having been committed, I have heard of people being persuaded to part with large sums of money in exchange for unsuitable products. If you do deal with security firms do make sure that they are reputable and registered. Please be aware that neither the police nor the fire service 'tout' for business. It is up to you, the householder to contact the appropriate authority for advice if needed, and you can contact our Crime Prevention Officer, Tony Ellis at Epping Police station who will be pleased to help.
A few wise precautions are:-
1. Aviod telling unknown telephone callers anything about yourself.
2. If the person claims to have misdialled and asks for your number, do not give it.
3. If you have reason to be worried by a phone call, contact the Police.
4. NEVER, EVER tell the caller of your movements each day (it has been done).

Whilst on the subject of telephones, not a lot of people know that you can stop unsolicited phone calls from firms selling everything from windows to insurance.
It is called the Telephone Preference Service, and registration is free.
Those who want to block cold callers should simply phone 0845 070 0707. Refer to page 1:4 in the Telephone Directory.
Companies which flout this service will be fined by the Data Protection Registrar.
Copies of the 2003/2004 Harlow Divisional Policing Plan are now available from me or Epping Police station.
The plan gives the policing objectives for the next year, and also information about the staffing of the Division.

On a more personal note, I still require volunteers from Slade End to deliver the Neighbourhood Watch letter, twice a year. Not too onerous a task, especially if two or more people apply.

Caroline Law - Neighbourhood Watch
01992 813905

For The Latest Neighbourhood Watch report from
Chris Catton at the Beatmobile Click Here

Essex Police - Special Constables: Through a new initiative Harlow Command Team will undertake that priority will be given to any Special Constable recruited through their local community, to provide regular partrols and a high visibility presence within that community. A Special Constable dedicated to the Village would know what the problems were, who was causing them and when they occurred. Dealing with local issues, there may even be several people in the village who would like to provide this service to the community on a joint basis. An applicant would have to measure up to the recruitment standards of the Special Constabulary, but if you are public spirited enough to assist the Police in providing additional local policing in Theydon Bois please contact the Parish Clerk on 01992 813442

Karate Training in the Village Hall: TE-ASHI-DO Karate clubs were started by Andy Major who is currently a 4th Dan black belt. Andy has been teaching Karate for over 20 years and he has competed at National and International level both in England and abroad. He has taken self defense courses in many of the local schools and colleges and has classes throughout the Essex area. Andy is a fully qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer and sports massage therapist. He worked for many years at Epping sports centre and still takes circuit training there. His junior and senior Karate classes are very poplular and he has produced many medallists at National level. The junior classes are taken in a strict but fun orientated manner and the children are taught how to respect others as well as themselves with the emphasis on good manners. The children are shown basic Karate techniques and work through the belt reward system gradually, with training working towards their black belt. As they progress the training gets harder and harder. They must show that they have the correct attitude and dedication to gain their belts. Classes are split into three categories. First there are the DINKY DUDES 5 years old and over, games and fun is the emphasis and if they enjoy it they will learn at a quicker rate. Secondly, there are the juniors. This is a little stricter but again enjoyment as well as discipline is the aim. The children start to learn more advanced Karate moves. Thirdly, there are the adult classes. This is when the emphasis is on self-defense as well as the syllabus work; older teenagers can train with the adults provided that they have the correct attitude and grade and maturity.
There are many benefits to be gained from training in Karate. Fitness, flexibility, confidence, discipline and the ability to defend yourself and family if necessary is not an instant thing but with time and effort you will learn many of the above and much much more. If you are interested in Karate please ring (01992) 577075.
Classes begin on Tuesday 9th September 2003 in the Village Hall. Dinky Dudes from 4.00 pm - 4-45 pm
Juniors 5 pm - 6 pm
Cost £4.00 per person

Electric Blankets Free Testing while you wait:
Thursday 4th September 2003
Theydon Bois Village Hall
Coppice Row
Theydon Bois

2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Free service available to all EFDC residents.
For further information contact Linda Hague, Road and Safety Officer, EFDC. Tel: 01992 564094

Village News:
Earlier this year Theydon Bois Parish Council took the decision to re-vamp its newsletter, which had been produced in its existing format for a number of years. A committee was formed consisiting of three parish councillors, the parish clerk and the current editor. A plan of action was agreed which aimed for a period of evolution for 2003 with more changes to be made in 2004. In particular it is planned that the magazine will have more emphasis on village activities and local events to supplement reporting of the workings of the parish council.
Revisions began in April and the parish clerk, unbeknown to the newsletter committee, was so confident of the improvements that she entered the April edition into a competition organised by the Essex Association of Local Councils.
Towards the end of June the parish council were advised that they had won the category for small councils magazines and the Parish Clerk and myself (Cllr Ken Cushing) attended the AGM of the Association, where we were presented with a commemorative plaque by Baroness Platt of Writtle. We were very pleased to receive the award which is a very good start to the revamping of the village news. Hopefully this will help us in our aim to obtain sponsorship to fund further improvements.

Theydon Bois Primary School Web Success: Last month a London school was looking at linking up with an outer London one for a project and they looked on the Web. They were so impressed by our web site that they took the Tel No of the school from the web site and rang them to ask if they would work with them. This resulted in a visit by pupils from the London school visiting Theydon Primary a few weeks ago !!!
Essex County Council Refuse Tip, Luxborough Lane, Chigwell:
All householders should now be aware that Essex County Council have introduced a PROOF OF RESIDENCE within Epping Forest at the Council Tip, Luxborough Lane, Chigwell. There is now a requirement to produce a Community Tax Bill or Driving Licence or Uitilities Bill to security personnel (positioned at the entrance of the site) to gain entry.
Failure to do so will incur a cost of £3 to enter the site, although a refund can be obtained from Essex County Council, Chelmsford, on production of a receipt, which will be issued by the security personnel.
The reason for this is to recoup the cost of handling non-Essex residents' waste.
At present there is not a similar requirement at any other site but it is recommended to be prepared by carrying some form of residential evidence before setting off to dispose of any rubbbish.
Essex County Council has issued a Public Notice a copy of which is held by Madeleine Murphy, Parish Clerk. A copy can be obtained at the Luxborough Lane site or by telephoning the Waste and Recycling Helpline on 01245 491222.

The End of Country Dancing in Theydon Bois?: In a recent issue of the Village News the history of the Theydon Bois
Country Dance Club, stretching over 50 years, was recounted.
The Club starts its end of year session on 30 September and there will be a dance at 7.30 every Tuesday in the Village Hall until 9 December, with the exception of 21 October when the hall is needed for another purpose.
Unfortunately, this could be the last session of the Club because its
support is dwindling. There is a solid core of about a dozen members who attend regularly but their devotion is not enough to keep the club
financially viable.
Over the past three years the current committee have tried everything to
increase the membership by having live music, outside callers and even
demonstrations of belly dancing! Although the numbers might go up for
special occasions they sink back again in the following weeks.
The Club has received grants but the larger grants cannot be used for the
biggest expense - hiring the hall. The money for this has to come from the members and if there are not enough members, the Club cannot survive.
So a facility in the Village for people aged from 8 to 80, which has a very friendly atmosphere and provides a very enjoyable way to exercise, with refreshments in the interval, is in desperate need of support or it must close.
Why not forget the TV and go out and socialise this Autumn?
More information from Pauline on 01992 814445 or see Club Details.

Loughton & District Historical Society: have just published their programme for the 2003 - 2004 season. All their meetings are held in The Methodist Church, Loughton High Road, from 8pm on (usually) the second Thursday of the month. Their programme opens with a talk about "Essex Almshouses" by ANNE PADFIELD on Thursday October 9th. Individual membership of the Society costs £6.00 or £8.00 for the family but guests are welcome for a donation of £1.50. Further details are on our Club Details page or on the society's own Web Site This new Web Site is at present under construction and is being built with help from our own web site team.
Open Gardens Day 2003: on Sunday 29th June was another great success, blessed by wonderful weather and an even more spectular array of gardens than last year. We will bring you a report and pictures from this years event soon but previous years photos are still to be enjoyed in our Photo Galleries.
The Theydon Bois Music Society: 2003/4 season starts on 11th September at the Village Hall at 8.00 pm. Our first programme is a trio of oboe, piano and flute.
The Society has vacancies for new members and if you have an appreciation of good music in good company then why not join us? We meet on the second Thursday of the month, September to June. For more information please contact our membership secretary Harry Memory, telephone 01992 812696, who will be pleased to tell you more about us.

Songs of Praise: The United Churches in Theydon Bois are holding a United 'Songs of Praise' on Sunday 29th June at 4.00pm on the Village Green, outside the Baptist Church. Come and have a good sing! This is the the same Sunday as the Open Gardens Day, so could be make a very pleasant end to the day. All are Welcome. 'All things Bright and Beautiful' anyone?
The Theydon Bois Rural Preservation Society's AGM: will be held in the Village Hall on Friday 11th July at approximately 9.00pm following the free talk by Ken Hoy (see below) which commences at 8.00pm. There will be free refreshments including wine in the interval.
The Society has just published it's yearly Newsletter for 2003 and this will be distributed to all homes in the village. The volunteer distributers will also be collecting this year's subscription which is only 50p per person or £1.00 per household. Please subscribe if you have not already done so. The Society does a great deal of work in maintaining our village and its surrounings which are constantly under threat, now more than ever with the proposed creation of the M11 corridor.
The Society are very short of Distributers/Collectors this year, so please if you can help with just one road
, contact Martin Boyle. Tel: 01992 813132.
Donkey Derby: This years Donkey Derby is the 16th year that the very popular event has been held and it will again be held on The Plain, Theydon Bois on Sunday 20th July.
The Derby is the main fund raising event for Theydon Bois Scout Group and all monies raised go to group funds. This enables the group to provide many activities for Scouts in the village and helps with the day to day running costs of the Headquarters building in Loughton Lane which, since being built has become a much needed meeting place for the local community.
If you would like to sponsor a race, donkey or advertise in this year's programme or would like further information contact Peter Simmance, Chairman of the Donkey Derby Fundraising Committee. Tel: 01992 814410. To see photographs of an earlier derby
Click Here.

Please contact us with your Latest News. E-Mail: Web Manager or send copy to the Village Office. Preferably on floppy disk.


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